What shall we name our real estate baby? Oh yeah, it’s name is (the ONE word that drove you to this business in the first place)

Yesterday, I told you the embarrassing story of getting fired from Spiegel Outlet for grab bagging my own check – three days before payday!

So here’s what happened… and how dumb I was:

At the time of my dubious departure from Spiegel I was the shipping and receiving manager. Each week, I’d sign for the checks delivered from corporate headquarters. They’d arrive on a Tuesday and we’d get paid on Friday. (Every other week).

One day, I got the bright idea, that I’d just tear open the UPS “next day air” delivery and help myself to the paycheck with Bart V Vickrey visible through the clear panel on the envelope.

I can tell you this now, with all sincerity… I five fingered my check for no other reason – than to see if I could get away with it. Just for dumb fun, really.

Little did I know (yes, dumb as a rock), the bookkeeper had a checklist for each and every check, to check off when the checks arrived.

She approached me on Thursday, joking around, and said, “Ha! Corporate forgot to pay you. We had to put in another request for your paycheck.” Her and I were friends after all.

“I already have my check.” Keep in mind, the check was still sitting in the glovebox of my Escort GT, uncashed.

Well next thing ya know…


Now remember, after being shown the door I didn’t huff and puff and cry my eyes out. No. For some odd reason I felt amazing. Ecstatic.


The answer (at the time) in my head was simple, “You’re just broken Bart. You don’t fit in. You’re not like other people.”

Next up, a gig at the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn factory. Yippee!

All the microwave popcorn you can eat!!! (Seriously, no joke)

Midnight shift. Sunday through Tuesday 6pm til 6am. Wednesday 6 to midnight.

Not gonna lie, kinda liked it at first. Three and half days off each and every week.

But… there’s always a but… for people like us (you and me).

That yearning burning screaming and yelling voice in my head begged, and then kicked and screamed until – one day, I hung up my popcorn pants and called it a day.

A career in popcorn popping posed a pertinent pondering:


“Why do I feel unsettled?”

“What is it that eludes me?”

And now, here it is. That one word you and I both have attaching us directly at the hip (and hippocampus).

That one word that drove us directly into the Greatest Small Business Opportunity in the World!

That one word is…


As the great Patrick Henry said, “Give me freedom or give me death!”

(He actually said “liberty” lol, but c’mon give me some liberties here in this email)

You and I have a compass locked and loaded for one thing, Freedom. There is no denying this unquenchable thirst.

If built intentionally, strategically, and systematically – your business will serve your lifestyle and provide for your freedom.

If and only if, you walk through the fire first.

Tomorrow, we’ll get our hands (and minds) dirty.

As I break away from the fraidy-cat restraints, I will muster up more and more of the guts necessary to help you, first realize (it exists) and then achieve the Good Life.

Tomorrow we’ll powder our musket with anger and fire cannonballs at the haters and naysayers.

See ya then,

Bart “Freedom” Vickrey

P.S. If you’d like the freedom fast track JOIN the Good Life now. You and I will get on the phone, we’ll determine your Mission, set the sails, and in no time (um, well, it does take a little time and work)… you’ll be living the Good Life.

  • No more worry about where the next “deal” is coming from.
  • No more sleepless nights toss’n and turning, soaked in the sweat of your own misery… worried sick about the debt-demon breathing down your neck.
  • No more chasing the phoney-baloney “American Dream” of fancy cars and blinged out expensive (unnecessary) watches.
  • Time for you to get on the true path to freedom. Begin your journey NOW to debt freedom and financial independence. JOIN NOW.

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