Want. Plan. Do.

Want. Plan. Do.

Last week I saw an agent post on a Facebook real estate group, “Spent half my day making these for my open house!” The post included a picture of cute little gift baskets with an ornately wrapped sucker, personalized chip clip, and a pen with a business card attached to the clip.

The post enjoyed several likes, and cherry comments:

“Very creative!”
“How cute!”
“I like to bake homemade oatmeal cookies for my open houses.”
“Where did you get those adorable baskets?”

As you know, I’m a very benevolent gent with nary a snark in my body. It did, however take real restraint in not asking said agent how much time she spent conjuring open house visitors. Or requesting a follow “results” post, to find out how many people actually showed up!

I’m sure you’d agree, looking around your office… most agents, waste most of their time.

The shocking and horrific truth is: MOST real estate agents are “doing it” everyday without truly knowing what the hell “IT” is they’re supposed to be doing!

They are unclear. They are confused. They exercise little or no control over their time.

They are pulled in every direction, mostly by nincompoops.

Then they throw up hands in despair… and wave ‘em like they just don’t care… oh, um sorry got sidetracked. Just hands thrown in despair, not the other part.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there at different times and in different stages in my career. What I’ve found that’s worked consistently for me is: Want. Plan. Do.

Want: Create an outcome or image of what you want with crystal clear clarity.

Plan: Plan out the steps necessary for the outcome. Organize them based on sequence or importance. Here’s what I need to do first, second, third.

Do: Do.

Not ground breaking, just effective.



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