Use The Force Luke

Remember the title of yesterday’s email:

“My eyes filled with tears.”

What I forgot to share with you is Why did my eyes fill with tears?

First of all, and you will find this difficult to believe (so I’ll be delivering it in bite sized pieces, some crazy stuff has been going on in my life. Stuff that only few (like Good Life Member, Tom Miller) can understand.

At some point, however, in your journey with me in the Good Life – you (too) will experience precisely what I’m talking about.

More on that later (don’t want you to freak out).

When I first read the conversation between Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill – “My eyes filled with tears.”


The tears were triggered by one single word.

One word uttered by Andrew Carnegie

The word: Force.

Probably doesn’t bring a tear to your eye does it?

In context, words have tremendous power, meaning, and force.

More on words in a future “series”.

Back on topic Bart! Stop “drifting”.

Out of the 947 words I sent you in yesterdays email, one single word triggered misty eyes (for me).

Here’s what Andrew said,

“You will discover that the cause of success is not something separate and apart from the man; that it is a force so intangible in nature that the majority of men never recognize it.”

Aha! I thought! That’s it!

That’s what?

That’s the name of the “other” voice.

The other voice in my head.

The most vocal and demonstrative voice is of course that of the Monster.

But there is another voice. In the past I’ve called it the Whisper. Never really liked that name.

Now I have a name for it:

The Force

Where did I first hear the term Force used in this context?

Star Wars.

The very first Star Wars movie, the OG.

Luke Skywalker is flying the X-Wing into the Death Star. Darth Vader is on his tail in hot pursuit. In order to destroy the Death Star, Luke must fire a missile accurately down a small vulnerable hole.

The X-Wings targeting system missed on the first attempt. As Luke is lining up the second shot, he hears the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi, his mentor, tell him to:

“Use the force, Luke.”

Luke turns off the automated targeting system and trusts his own shot. I’m sure you know what happens from there.

Below’s a two minute and twenty two second video with how it plays out. Listen carefully at 0:15, 0:24, and 2:07. The statement at 2:07 gave me the spine tingles.

Now, for me, the tears that filled my eyes didn’t come because now I had a name for the other voice in my head. That was only part of it.

The tears came because…

Why (out of the blue) did I pick up Napoleon’s manuscript from a pile of many other piles – and start reading it – in the first place?

Why did the word Force stick out like a sore thumb in one sentence among twenty other sentences? One word among a 642 other words. One word that wasn’t even the emphasis of the sentence it dwelled.

And finally, What do I call myself?

The Real Estate Jedi.

And how does one become a Jedi?

By learning about, believing in, and utilizing… The Force.

Tissue please.

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