Truth: Having Kids Is Way….Overrated

Each of my three sometimes wonderful children are spoiled rotten brats.

Perfect example:

Kid 1 leaves for her fully (mommy and daddy funded) party camp (Purdue University) in August.

What does her sugar momma do?

Completely remodel her bedroom into a zen palace of awesomeness.


Kid 1 comes home for her nearly month long – sleep in late, party with friends, eat fast food instead of gourmet home cooking, extend palm up hand for dad to insert cash – Christmas break.

What does she do to her room???


Look closely at the second pic. Do you see it? Do you see the answer to the question the Boss Lady Bride asked me this morning while we made school lunches for Kid 2 and Kid 3,

“Where’s the bread? I swear there was just half a loaf in here.”

Here’s the unfortunate (don’t deny it) truth about children.

On a scale of 1 to 10. They’re maybe a 4!

If we had to attach a percentage it would be: 32% Lovable 68% Overrated.

I do know for certain what is 100% Lovable and 0% Overrated. You guessed it! The Real Estate Good Life Inner Circle (GLIC).

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