The Two Most Important Days

Mark Twain has always been one of my favorites.

The above quote is just one of many of his insights that I will be sharing with you.  Whenever I need an extra kick I turn to quotes, videos, blog posts, and books.

My career has been built on the constant and ongoing process of personal development.  As I’ve matured in life and business important realizations have occurred.  One of the biggest is of course, money isn’t everything.  Now that I don’t have day to day money concerns, my mind has been opened enough to allow much more impactful things to enter.

My desire to help you is not money driven.  If you’ve been on my mailing list long enough, you already understand.  If you are new to the list, you’ll soon find out.  Sure I will push my books from time to time.  But making a $15 sale, for which Amazon takes the majority is not a dollar productive activity for me.  The books are designed to better your life.  Eventually I’ll also provide you with the opportunity to purchase my business in a box.  You will have access to all of everything that I use day to day to operate my lifestyle designed real estate sales business.  What I promise is that the majority of all the communication I do with you will not be immediately followed with my hand out.  I already belong to several real estate guru mailing lists that do just that.  It gets old.

Earlier in the week I made a commitment to you for increased communication.  This will be one of the formats.  Although I do promise to have much shorter introductions going forward!

With that being said I have three things to share with you today.

The first is the quote you see above from Mark Twain.

The second is a book report I did for you regarding, Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto.

I really enjoyed the book and spent a lot of time compiling these notes for you.  CLICK HERE to access the notes.

And third, is a video I love referring back to when I need a little extra something something.

Make it a Good Life!

Bart Vickrey

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