The Only Investment That Always Pays

The Only Investment That Always Pays

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

During my real estate career, I’ve invested over $150,000 in books, programs, seminars, and coaching.

The return has been at least 10X.

One time I attended a seminar called Apartment House Riches held by Dave Lindahl. His program was $750. I bought it.

Six months later I bought an apartment building. Today that apartment building pays me $5,000 a month in net passive income. Each and every month.

Today I’m asking you to invest in yourself. I am launching The Good Life Inner Circle for real estate agents.

The program is designed to answer Socrates question, “What is the best way to live?”

The program is also designed to deliver to you the ultimate desire… Freedom. The first step to freedom is financial freedom. Freedom is included in the program.

The program officially launched in August. However, as of today, I am putting a name to the membership. Today and forward the only thing to buy here at this website, the only thing to invest in aside from the books I pen (one published with many more in my head) will be the Good Life Inner Circle. The price will be $59/mo – cancel at any time. There will be no upsells, add-ons, $1,000 per month coaching options, nothing. Just the Inner Circle.

Included with the Inner Circle will be EVERYTHING.

The Business Building Blueprint included for FREE. My entire business model is yours! Every marketing campaign, every tracking sheet, every system… all yours.

The Newsletter Program included for FREE. Can you even imagine that a simple monthly newsletter has produced over $1,000,000 in direct commission since its inception in 2014! Not only is the entire program included for FREE, but the program also includes a step by step process for getting the cost of implementing and delivering the newsletter paid for by vendors that will line up to do so.

Shock & Awe is also included for FREE. You know my feelings about cold calls, right? I DO NOT like them! So I built my business around making zero cold calls. Our Shock & Awe direct mail campaign goes out to ALL listing leads and is responsible for directly producing over $250,000 in commissions last year!

I’ll stop “selling” you for now. But I will say that WHEN you INVEST today – and no later than Sunday… you will receive a very special GIFT for taking action. The gift will be a surprise – that will have you beaming with joy, I promise you that! **Side note: this paragraph was written awhile back. I no longer advertise like this. I’m done with the baloneyesq advertising. All of my marketing going forward will be straightforward, no side doors, no pinatas to swing at blind-folded, just a narrowed message based on what is in my heart.

On top of all the FREE gifts included with The Good Life Project – you will also have the most shocking Risk-Free Guarantee included. The Guarantee alone will blow your wig off!  **Side Note: this paragraph was also written awhile ago to show you and to remind me of how I used to do things. No more. Oh, and no more guarantees. You get what you pay for. The only way any of the material inside the Good Life Inner Circle works is if you implement it into your life and your business. I’m no longer interested in offering a guarantee that hinges on someone other than me. So, again – the Good Life is $59/mo cancel at any time. No money back guarantees. If you cannot afford to spend the 59 bucks, please don’t do it.

CLICK HERE NOW TO INVEST IN YOU. **Side note: I’m not including a link because the Inner Circle currently has no openings. Doors will open again soon. Once my batteries recharge.

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