The One Thing (the single greatest marketing weapon in your lovable business arsenal)

The year before launching my printed monthly newsletter:

151 Homes Sold 57 from SOI (database/SOI)

The first full year with the printed monthly newsletter:

208 Homes Sold 123 from SOI

Second full year:

263 Homes Sold 177 from SOI

Third Full Year:

468 Homes Sold 295 from SOI

Now before your peepers pop from their perch, keep in mind – I make ZERO phone calls in my business. The newsletter is the foundational marketing piece in the lifestyle business.

Next, I cannot fully quantify the exact number of homes sold as they relate “beyond a reasonable doubt” directly to the newsletter.

However, I can correlate, speculate, and contemplate the clues as they clutter my careful mind.

Good Life Step #4: Deploy the newsletter.

Sounds super-simple I know, but it can be a slippery scenario. See, when the Monster gets a strangle hold of your “self” – sabotage ensues.

We must leave the lair of the Monster mind and do the next right thing.

If you are to build a lovable business, a newsletter is a MUST.

Check out the very first issue of my newsletter when you have a chance. It is very pedestrian (it has since improved) to say the least. But it was the next best step at the time.

If you take no other business advice from the Good Life, please take this… Deploy the Newsletter.

(If you want to learn about the “Push Button Newsletter” program CLICK HERE. Soon I will be offering a done-for-you newsletter system. Write – Print – Deploy)

Here’s the math and lovable statistical predictions that make the newsletters such a celebrated scenario:

Direct mail historically converts at 2% over one year. Meaning, if you “farm” a neighborhood of 100 homes and send direct mail to each home consistently for one full year you should expect two closed transactions.

Now you and I both know that a newsletter is far superior as a rapport building love machine compared with regular ole “canned” direct mail pieces.

Because of this, and the in-depth analysis of my business since the launch of the newsletter…

… I contend that your newsletter will convert at 2 – 5 – and 10.

Two percent (minimum) conversion in year one. (C’mon, you haven’t consistently communicated with your SOI in your ever loving life. You can’t expect everyone to just start showering you with referrals and sales right out of the gate. We must have patience).

Five percent year two. And ten percent year three.

Okay, if that wasn’t exciting – maybe this math will be.

Let’s say you invest $300 a month for a push button newsletter (REGL will be much less expensive). And you have 100 people on your “list” which delivers you a 2% conversion rate in year one.

$300 x 12 = $3,600

$6,000 (insert your average commission) x 2 = $12,000

That’s a whopping 233% return on investment.

Year two:

$300 x 12 = $3,600

$6,000 x 5 = $30,000

Now we’re talking! That’s a 733% return on investment!

Hopefully you can “carry the one” and do the rest of the math from here. But you can start to raise the brow and see what I’m getting at.

In the lovable lifestyle business – the business of One to Many marketing – return on investment for our marketing campaigns is EVERYTHING.

Once we stab the finger on reliable results… the rest is… well, the Good Life.

(Just think of what happens when we grow the list.)

Anyhoo, I got carried away (per usual) so I’ll let cha go for now.

Until next time,

Bart “Newsletter Hero” Vickrey

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