The One and ONLY First Step to Living the Good Life

Yesterday I told you I’ll be pulling back the curtains to the Good Life. An all access backstage pass to the “requirements” of the Good Life.

Some of this information will raise your unibrow to the peak of your frazzled forehead.

I have reservations in sharing these steps with you for fear of non-belief (the word Belief will be a linchpin, in tomorrow’s email.)

Here’s what I promise you…

If (and only if) you follow the steps that I’m about to lay out before your very eye sockets… you WILL create the Good Life!

Seemingly out of thin air.


Answer this simple (actually very complex and complicated) question:

What do you want?


What EXACTLY do you want?

What do you want in your life that is in direct alignment with your Heart, your Soul, and your “Gut”?

That’s it.

That is Step One of the Good Life process.

You MUST become crystal clear on EXACTLY what you want in your life.

*This can be more than ONE thing. (Such as visible abs and freedom from debt).

*This cannot be what you Don’t want. (Hmm? Think about that for a second).

Have a magnificent day my friend,

Bart “Crystal Clear” Vickrey

P.S. Do not delay! The price of the Good Life is going from the bargain basement price of $59/mo to $259/mo.

All Members signed up and safely in the fabulous fortress of the Good Life before the price increase deadline will lock in the $59 for LIFE.

JOIN NOW or forever hold your peace.

P.P.S If you’re serious about creating and then living the Good Life… you’ll have enough guts to share with me – What you want.

When you have it figured out – email me with your decision. Don’t be shy. This is our one and only (that we know of) life. Let’s live it NOW!

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