The night I wanted to wring Kid2’s neck

It was basically a blizzard in Valpo on that fateful Saturday night.

Kid2 asked to drive over to a friend’s house.

Her Dad, “No.”

“Why not?”

“Because I said so. And it’s a blizzard!”

Kid2 spends the rest of the day begging and then nagging her mother into submission.

Bride to me, “She’s just gonna drive around the corner to Hanna’s house and spend the night.”

“Why don’t I just take her?” (vetoed)

Something in my “gut” told me to kibosh this plan. You know my bizarre personality type (a blankety blank). I should’ve listened. I did not.

Kid2 proceeded to drive the approximately 2.5 minutes to Hanna’s house directly around the corner. We live out in the country, so the chances of her even seeing another car on the road were slim to none. Part of the story Bride and I told ourselves to allow this plot to unfold in the first place.

“Is she there yet?” I asked three minutes after she left.

The icon tracking on her phone indicated that Kid2 was indeed safe and sound at Hanna’s house.

Au contraire mon frere!

Kid2 drove to Hanna’s, dropped off here phone and then proceeded to drive seven miles south in heavy snow to pick up Julia. From Julia’s, the two knuckleheads ventured west for ten miles to Mackenzie’s house.

Approaching Kenzie’s driveway Kid2 lost controlled slid sideways off the road and smashed into a large wooden stick. A sturdy utility pole!

Meanwhile, I’m minding my own business enjoying an episode of The American’s with my lady friend. Her phone rings, “Why is Julia calling me?”

Bada bing bada boom… the night is ruined… the car is totaled… the sinister plot is foiled (Karma took the wheel, not Jesus!)… and I now want to wring Kid2’s neck!

On Sunday morning my mood had changed. I awoke grateful. Grateful, that I wasn’t about to plan Kid2’s funeral.

Thankful, that my baby girl only suffered a small bump to her head and shoulder, a large bruise to the ego, and a (temporary) loss of freedom.

Perspective trumps emotion every day.

Speaking of days… I truly hope you have a great one my friend.

Yours truly,

Bart “Grateful” Vickrey


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