The Most Powerful Man In The World

The Most Powerful Man In The World

The Fab 5 spent last week in Mexico.

Me, Bride, Kid1, 2, and 3 had a blast.

The trip started with a bang!

Mads (Kid1) and I were out on the patio of the suite reading our books.

I’m reading, The Good Neighbor: The Life and Times of Fred Rogers.

(What I read on page 349 of this book has forever changed the way I think about each day and my life. More on that in a minute).

Madison is reading, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

Out of nowhere a fat Russian belly flops into our private pool!

What happens next will have you howling with laughter…

Nope. I can’t do it again!

I can’t leave you with an “open-loop” or a cliffhanger. You can find all the loose ends inside this podcast episode. Maybe my best work yet.

Listen to the episode for the rest of the Russian belly-flopper story – and the life-altering words I read on page 349 of the Mister Rogers book

P.S. I know what you think sometimes, “Bart only send me these awesome emails because he wants to Sell me on joining the Good Life Inner Circle.”

Not true.

I send these emails as my consistent attempt to change the world. If I can convince you to Transform your life. To live better. To be better. To share more. To help others.

Then I’ve changed your world.

If your world changes, then so does the world of those in your proximity (friends, family members, loved ones).

Together we can change the world.

Just like Mister Rogers did.

Join me in changing the world. Join me in the Good Life.

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