The Doom Dumpster and How to Avoid its Fire

See what I did with the title?

Prolly not. You’ve heard of the term dumpster fire, right? Well I combined the first part of the headline with the word “fire” at the end. A word that your subconscious mind will link with the word dumpster.

Well, at least that was the plan.

(Sometimes I write (talk) to you in a stream of consciousness… if you haven’t already figured that out, lol!)

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yeah, last week I was spittin fake news fire bout the doom and destruction of the industry. An industry sliding closer and closer to the cliff of utter annihilation.

Today, I’m here to reiterate that message. A message that you are stubbornly ignoring.

Couple things since last week:

Zillow announced the wedgie delivered to (now former) CEO Spencer Rascoff. He has now been replaced by co-founder Rich Barton.

Zillow announced to investors their shameful profit siesta to the tune of -$97,000,000.00 (that’s a minus symbol in front of the number), in the 4th quarter of 2018 alone!

Great news, right?


We’re still missing the writing, written in agents blood, on the woeful wall…

Zillow’s revenue is up 30%. A staggering $1.3 Billion Buckaroos in 2018.

Also alarming, Zillow’s plan is to pull the ole double Dutch bus and double down on their Zillow Offers home buying and selling business. Read this!

On top of everything else… there is still one more GLARINGLY gloomy piece of information that Zillow shared – that should frighten the parachute pants right off yer pale (soon to be dead) body!

This information is SOOOOO incredibly disturbing that I can only safely share it with current Good Life Inner Circle members.

*Warning: what I’m about to share with GLIC members will SAVE their precious souls from the looming dooming dread about to slit the throats of over one million real estate agents.

**Do not JOIN THE GOOD LIFE unless you can:

  1. Handle the truth (Like a Code Red)
  2. Follow the EXACT step by step SOS instructions to safety, and then stability, and then to the Good Life.

***Stop rolling your eyes!!! This is fair warning. There is still time to not only save yourself – but also thrive by doing the EXACT opposite of what Zillow is doing.

Have a thoughtful day my friend.

Yours faithfully on your side,

Bart “Paul Revere” Vickrey

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