Talking a Good Life Member Off the Ledge (The first step to building a Lovable business is recognizing what you don’t want)

Yesterday I received a troubling email from a Good Life Inner Circle member.

The email read:

“Bart, “the mission” is:

To have a business that I love, allows me to have freedom and extravagant income

The Problem: I don’t know what this business or business model is. I don’t want to work nights and weekends and I feel with real estate that I am constantly drawn back in to nights and weekends.

I want to reply in a timely manner to referrals but of course, they happen on the nights and weekends…. I find myself wondering if real estate is where I need to be for long term happiness and freedom. Please help…. Advice…. Have you ever felt this way?

To answer his email:

Yes. I felt this way many, many times.

The job of real estate agent is a demanding emotional roller coaster. Which includes “on call” status with 10pm texts, Saturday morning emails, and last minute, “Can you show this home right now!” conversations.

That’s the bad news. The overwhelming good news is that: Real estate sales is still the Greatest Small Business Opportunity in the World.

Over the course of the next few days I’ll be sharing with you the “insider” secrets to how I run my lifestyle business. A business model, that up until right now, I’ve actually been afraid to share the “behind the curtain” view… for fear you wouldn’t believe me.

With the hints I’ve received and the mistakes I’ve bumbled my way through – a business model has developed – unlike ANY I know of today (seriously).

What led me to this place I sit today (currently in the Fortress of Solitude with the Bodacious Boss Lady sitting next to me adding close to forty hours worth of audio awesomeness to the private GLIC member’s website)…

…what led me to this Lovable business model has been a series of missteps and questions like, “What is the best way to live?”

Like the time when I was walking down the beach back in October of 2000, trailing behind four fabulous females – while on the phone trying desperately to keep one lousy deal alive. Because I HAD to keep that one lousy deal alive.

Was that the best way to live?

Or the time, one of my clients called me up late on a Friday night and asked if he could stay the night at my house – because of the huge fight he just had with his wife.

I was still at the office. Alone. While my belabored baby mama was bewildered back at home bottled up with 3 year old Kid1 and four month old Kid2.

Was that the best way to live?

What about the time I had the Nextel pinched between my petulant pie hole and sexy shoulder – while standing stunned at the urinal in the men’s room of the Remax office.

Bride asks, “How’d the pickup of Madison go?”

Uh oh! Kid1 was left abandoned at the preschool pizza party by her pitiful parent.

Was that the best way to live?

In the emails to come, I will share with you EXACTLY what I’ve done with my business in order to launch this Lovable lifestyle.

Embrace it. Soak it in.

And please please please – understand this with all your beautiful brainpower…

If I can do it, ANYONE can.

In the meantime, enjoy this incredible episode of the Real Estate Good Life podcast episode: How to Build a Lovable Business

Your forever,

Bart “Lovable” Vickrey

P.S. There is only one cure for my ailing emailing Good Life friend… only one way to “fix” his business. And that is: To build a lovable business that lends itself lovingly to a lovable life.

P.P.S. If you’re affectionately attracted to building a lovable business and want to talk about it. Email me back NOW and we’ll set up a time to chat on the tele.

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