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#256: Give me FREEDOM, or give me death!

Listen to this very important podcast episode regarding our most precious MISSION in life (as a real estate agent)

Focus ONLY on what you can control

The single most important factor to success in real estate sales (and in life) is understanding the difference between what you can control and what …

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#238: The biggest victim in this red hot real estate market… is…

The biggest victim in the red hot real estate market… the buyer (Are we in a bubble or is this simple supply and demand economics?) …

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#218 How to close the gap between who you are and who you want to be.

Life changing book recommendation at the end of the episode. A MUST read for anyone pursuing Freedom. Make sure to take advantage of the automatic …

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#217 How to be the GOAT (What Tom Brady, Larry King, Howard Stern, and Michael Jordan all have in common).

Be the GOAT and change the world with this once in a lifetime opportunity to go into business with me www.partnerwithbart.com

#214 Lead Generation 101 (do this easy three step process to produce now business… guaranteed)

If you desire NOW business… this simple three step process will deliver leads to your lovable heart… guaranteed. After all, we are not in the …

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#207 Lead Generation 101 (making a list and checking it twice)

#207 Lead Generation 101 (making a list and checking it twice) To build a lovable business you MUST start with a proper foundation. That proper …

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#213 The Good Life Diet defined

#213 The Good Life Diet defined (Less Calories + More Nutrition + Time Framed + Delicious = a lovable cure for Fatness) Make sure to …

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I got a letter from the government (you’ll never guess what it said)

Enjoy today’s episode of the Real Estate Good Life podcast!

#096: Great Advice – Focus (there’s a sentence in this episode that can change your life)

I was talking to Good Life member Tom Miller the other day and he was excited about the Netflix show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. …

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