September 2016 Profit & Loss: $43,585.49

September was a good month for the real estate sales company.  And a better month for me personally!

My Bride, my brother Larry, and sister-in-law Pam, went to Las Vegas to celebrate Larry’s 50th birthday!


I’ve been with Larry on his 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, and now 50th birthday!  He’s my only sibling.  Our childhood wasn’t necessarily functional.  Parents divorced when we were young.  Dad was an alcoholic.  He abused our mother.  And yet somehow, we both turned out to be pretty darn good people (mom had a lot to do with it!).

Larry and I have a special bond because he’s the only other person on this earth that experienced the same childhood as I did.  And as you know, our childhood has a major impact on us for the rest of our lives.

Ok, you probably didn’t click on this post to hear about me and Larry!  So let’s get to the September profit and loss breakdown.  CLICK HERE for the pdf.

We produced $223,935.03 in income for the month of September.

One of my team agents earned himself $93,085.70 for the month!

With three others each earning over $10,000, $13,667.57, $11,634.00, and $10,440.73 respectively.

For me, the most exciting part is that each of these four agents have been in the business less than five years.  With the $13k and $11k earners having less three years in real estate.

Like I tell everyone – Give me anyone off the street and I can have them at a six figure income in three years or less!  As long as they meet these three simple requirements:

  1. Reasonable intelligence
  2. Connectability
  3. Desire

The third requirement of course being the most elusive.

Everyone I meet with, that expresses interest in the real estate business, tells me – “I’ll do whatever it takes!” – so few do.

Back to the P&L.  Once again, this month I added a bunch of income taxes to the payroll expenses.  Basically we “gross” up payroll with all of the extra dollars going to the government.  So essentially the company pays my income tax and I expense it through the profit and loss statement.

Any questions, let me know.

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