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After sending out my post: Financial Confessions, I received several interesting questions.

Here is one I really liked, along with my reply.


To: Bart Vickrey

Subject: Re: Financial confessions…

Please tell me how to avoid having to put up with people who are assholes for money. I guess the desire not to have to put up with them would be the start?

Theresa Capuano


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Hi Theresa!

Thank you for the email.  

Your question is great!  But the fact that you answer it yourself is even better!

When I first got into the real estate business I worked with anyone that would give me the time of day.  As my business slowly grew I was able to recognize a trend.  

90% of my problems and stress came from 10% of my clients!

Once I was able to make this discovery I became better and better at recognizing the early signs of “assoholery”  A potential client with signs of assholery should be avoided at all costs.

The hard part is actually avoiding them.

The reason for this is that we are programmed to chase more and more money.  Each client represents potential money.  Now before you say it, I agree… seeing your clients as only money is a horrible way to do business.  It most certainly is NOT the way to view a potential or existing client.  But subconsciously this condition exists.  And we all know it!

I have an agent on my team right now that is incapable of avoiding assholery.  Her and I talk about it each and every time she allows herself to be fooled.  I tell her, “Go with your gut!”  And later when I ask her, “What’d your gut tell you?”  She slyly smiles and staggers away.

So Theresa, I think you’ve hit it the nail on the head, “I guess the desire not to have to put up with them would be the start?”

For me it’s a step further at this point in my business.  I don’t have any clients that I don’t like.  Since the beginning of 2013, I’ve given all my leads to my team.  This year I’ve only gone on one appointment.  My focus is on helping my teammates live the life they most desire.

Part of helping them live that life is to first recognize potential assholery, and then have the guts to walk away.  Easier said than done.

My early retirement includes the requisite to extinguish and vanquish people in my life that do not respect me and my time.  Again, easier said than done.

Much more on this subject as the axe begins to swing!

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