Podcast Episode 054: The thrilling story of a former drug dealer turned real estate agent. (He had to flee his hometown when the Feds opened an investigation on him for drug trafficking)

Listen in as I have a conversation with an unbelievable Good Life member.

Jessie has a story that will shiver your timbers.

Strap on the earbuds while Jessie walks you through a story that will have you cheering for him as he earnestly pursues the Good Life… despite a life that began with his dad dying tragically 16 days after Jessie was born, his mother dies when he was 13, he’s forced to forge the deed on his childhood home in order to prevent some family shenanigans, and he is forced to flee his hometown once the Feds began to investigate Jessie for drug trafficking.

Holy moly! This story is a must listen. From start to finish.

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