Podcast Episode 037: How to Build A Lovable Business!

In episode 037, we discuss the truth about the real estate sales business.

Truth: Ultimately you cannot build a lovable business or be successful in the real estate sales business if you HATE what you do. I.E: Cold Calling, Door Knocking, Pussyfooting, and Booty-Smooching.

One-to-Many marketing is THE only way to build a lovable business as a real estate agent.

Newsletters, direct-mail, Facebook client stories, business referral network, affinity groups, agent referral army, proper communication to the database.

The Message becomes the Movement.



  • Tim Cornwell

    Reply Reply March 10, 2019

    Good stuff Bart. Thanks for taking a risk with your message.

    • Bart

      Reply Reply March 14, 2019

      Thank you very much for your comment Tim. In a world of loud, fast, and more… I think you and I fit snuggly in the “silent majority” that has our sights set on a different (better) way to live.

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