Podcast Episode 020: Declaration of Greatness

In episode 020 of the Real Estate Good Life podcast, I share with you the Declaration of Greatness. This is a document I created around the middle of 2014. I woke up one morning and the words of the Declaration of Greatness exploded out of me.

Even though my focus is narrowing and the message is becoming clearer and clearer (no cold calls, no door knocking, no trespassing, no telemarketing, no booty smooching, and no pussyfooting), most all of the Declaration still applies.

Listening back to this episode I am reminded to get out of my own way. I am my own worst critic. Likely, as are you. When I listened back to the episode I said to myself, “This is pretty good stuff!” So without further ado, please listen to some pretty good stuff:


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