Podcast Episode 018: I Can – I Will – I Must!

Episode 018: I Can – I Will – I Must is a must listen to for any real estate agent.

There are no quick fixes.  There are no easy buttons. There is no agent lottery to win.  The only way to the good life is through the grind. It’s through the hard work.  It’s through the doubt and the second-guessing. It’s through the struggle.

If it were easy everyone would be successful.  Success is not easy. It’s hard. It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do!

Success takes patience.  You must keep going keep fighting.  Keep grinding. Never give up.

It does not matter how slowly you start – as long as you do not stop.

Consistency over time rules all.  Consistency over time leads to greatness.  Consistency over time makes dreams reality.  Consistency over time leads to the good life!

Wherever you find yourself today.  Whatever position, good or bad. Wherever you are coming from. Whatever background, whether you are young or old or black or Hispanic it does not matter.

Change your life today!  Make the decision today!

Listen now and forever better your life:



  • Janet Brooks

    Reply Reply October 2, 2018

    Bart – I enjoy your message. I have gotten serious about refining my database and weeding out the bad, cold contacts.
    I believe that relational marketing is the way to go!
    BTW – for the month of August I made the top 10 list for independent agents in my office! What a kick in the pants!

    • Bart

      Reply Reply October 28, 2018

      Great to hear from you, Janet. Fantastic news about making the top 10 list! One to Many + Relationship Marketing = The Good Life. I look forward to you getting your newsletter up and running, sharing authentic and vulnerable stories to your database. Imagine the advantage you’ll have over all the copycat same ole same ole advertising that all the agents do in your marketplace. A breath of fresh air is what the real estate agent community needs.

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