Podcast Episode 013: The American Dream Part 2

I received interesting feedback from Podcast Episode 012: The American Dream. If you have not listened to the episode, we discuss the ideology and mindset required to become debt-free and create a life of financial freedom.

One of the comments I received was this, “If that what it takes count me out!”

My response to this statement is simple: I don’t have to count you out. You’ve done it for me. Like most all people walking zombie-like through their one and only existence – you are soft, unmotivated, and undisciplined.

Yeah, I know. Not the typical cheery Jedi you’re used to. I’ve had about enough of the whining from the pussyfooted masses! It’s time to focus my message on those willing to apply the Hard Now – Easy Later philosophy.

If you are awesome enough to have liked The American Dream podcast episode, you’ll love Part 2. Listen Now.

The Real Estate Good Life podcast episode 013: The American Dream Part 2

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