Podcast Episode 004: Three Simple Steps to Now Money

Most all agents struggle from day to day.  They struggle to make ends meet.  A key to making it as an agent is to survive the beginning of your career.  You need now money.  Listen to this podcast episode to get yourself some now money now!

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  • Denis Raczkowski

    Reply Reply May 15, 2018

    First, thank you for having the courage to begin webinar(s).
    Second, contacting the people I know would be great except that a lot were collateral damage when my previous life imploded. Any ideas?
    Third, living the good life and knowing you are living the good life is wise advice.
    Fourth, the sequence on social media, was gold. I am one of your coaching members. Do you have a primer I can follow to set up these accounts that you speak of so highly?
    Fifth, seems like I should have a website. Where do I start?

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