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Our Mission: Financial Independence

"I want to be so absolutely free that my very existence is considered an act of rebellion." Bart Vickrey

Our Mission is financial independence, because it is the first step towards the rarified air of our one word destination: Freedom.

The freedom to live life on your own terms.

The freedom to wake up each morning and decide exactly what you want to do that day.

You wouldn't be here, reading these words, if freedom wasn't aggressively calling your name.

How the "Partner" program works.

In two weeks I am launching the very first test group for the Good Life Inner Circle partner program. Only ten agents will be on Team 001.

The partner program costs $97/mo (cancel at anytime).

How the partner program works is simple:

I build for you a partner website that includes a bushel full of fantastic freebies that will be offered to your referrals. Your referrals will come from the "list" that you already have direct access to (agents in your MLS).

Each week I will provide for you (and or you can write your own) a value packed email to share with agents in your MLS. The email will include resources, book notes and recommendations, podcast episodes, and inspirational life-changing articles. Each email will also include a P.S. link to your "partner" website.

On the partner website will be all the free material I am giving away. Such as: copies of my newsletters, my newsletter template, the expired listing direct mail campaign, the 149 point pre-list packet, outline of the Shock & Awe mailing, details on how to build a business referral network, the 18 Steps to an Extra Million Dollars, the Good Life tracker, etc, etc.

Also included will be a printed copy of The Declaration of Agent Independence mailed to the referred agent's doorstep.

All of the freebies and the copy of The Declaration will be accessed when the agent "opts-in" on your partner website with their contact information. Thus raising their hand with interest in living the Good Life.

Once the agent opts-in they will gain immediate access to all the freebies and this will trigger a "tag" in my software system (Infusionsoft). The tag will trigger a funnel of fantasticalness that will lead them down the path of Freedom.

The path to freedom is paved through the Good Life Inner Circle. Once the agent joins the GLIC (which only costs $59/m0) you will be paid a $25/mo referral fee for as long as the agent remains a member.

My Mission with the Team 001 (the first ten agents to join the partner program) is to catapult each and every one of them to financial independence within three years.

Financial Independence: creating more "automatic" income than living expenses.

If you'd like ALL the details AND a copy of The Declaration of Agent Independence, submit your information below.

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