October Profit & Loss: $8,347.06

Wait!!! What?

How in the world did the profits for October dip below $10k?

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had many many months during my real estate career where my monthly net profits were much less than $8,347.06.  But not this year!  Or any recent year!  So I looked a little closer and found some more money.

In October I received an $8,008 commission, my salary of $5,000, and paid another $10,000 extra towards my impending tax liability (not due until April 15, 2017 – but I’m trying to get ahead of it.

Factoring in those additional figures my profit looks more like this:

$8,347.06 + $8,008 + $5,000 + $10,000 = $31,355.06 in profit for October.

Based on gross income of $166,748.91… $31,355.06 represents a net percentage of 18.8.  Not sure why I haven’t mentioned this calculation to you sooner, but what I shoot for each month is 20% or higher net of gross.  This percentage is for lifestyle businesses only.  If you are in production, your net of gross percentage must be 25 or higher – for team leaders, and 50% plus for solo agents.

Any questions, let me know: bart AT bart sells houses DOT com.

CLICK HERE for the October Profit & Loss statement.

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