November Profit & Loss: $35,243.82

Great month!

Our team is incredible!

Four agents over five figures for the month.

Top agent made: $79,420.71 (this represents the agent’s actual income for the month, not total gross.  Net to agent)

Agents two, three, and four finished with: $24,335.49, $15,989.40, and $14,164.32 respectively.

I don’t take the credit, I just shine the light on the path.  If the agent chooses the path, anything is possible.  None of it, however is possible without the DESIRE provided by the agent.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the November P&L statement.

Again, math must be applied to help with clarity.  We once again shoveled $10,000 towards future taxes and collected a $5k salary.  All told, profit for November was $50,243.82.

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