November Net Worth: $2,228,899

Net worth is up $25,541 from last month.  Which is very exciting!

“Bart why do you show us your net worth? Are you trying to show off?”

No, I am not trying to show off.  For one thing, my net worth SHOULD be much higher!  I’ve made many many mistakes along the way, financial – relational – physical, and otherwise.  My hope is to share with you ALL of the mistakes I’ve made along the way.  Along with the theories, systems, methods, choices, and ideologies that have worked.

I also want to show you how truly wonderful the real estate sales business can be.  Not the “job”, the business.  If a regular (and I do mean regular) guy like me can make a run at the Good Life, then so can you!

However, the most important reason for me sharing my net worth with you – is accountability.

What gets measured gets improved.

The more things I measure, track, and follow… the better they get.  And the better I get!

Without further rambling, here is a screen shot (from of my November Net Worth:

Nov 30 Net Worth

Here is my current cash position:

Nov 30 Cash balance

Have an amazing day!

Your best friend in real estate,


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