Nighty night…

For many years I considered myself a night owl. Turns out, like most beliefs, it was just a story I was telling myself.

Before my son was born, when the girls were young, I decided to be an early bird. The reason was simple, I wanted to see the girls off to school each morning.

Turned out to be one of the greatest decisions of my life.

How to Be an Early Bird:

Go to bed early! Like most solutions, it’s simple. Not easy – but simple. As you can see from the picture above I go to bed early. And I get up early. I get up early without an alarm clock.

Let me know if you see a very interesting pattern in the picture. First correct answer gets a one on one coaching call with me!

Below you will find fantastic data on sleep and the power of sleep. First, you will find book notes from the book: The Sleep Solution by W. Chris Winter.


Next, you will find a link to a video interview by Joe Rogan of Matthew Walker. The interview will blow your mind!!!

If you’re short on time start at the 32:40 mark of the video. Otherwise, do yourself a favor and watch the entire episode. Or better yet, search Joe Rogan’s podcast out on iTunes or Stitcher and listen. It’s episode 1109.

P.S. Don’t fall asleep on your business. Optimize your potential with proper sleep and a membership to The Good Life!

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