“My brain was blown to pieces!”

“My brain was blown to pieces!”

Last weekend, Bride, Kid2, Kid3, and myself visited Kid1 at Purdue.

On Saturday, the Fab Five attended the Purdue versus Iowa football game. Good Life Member Tom Miller (from Iowa) now has five less dolla billz. #BoilerUp!

On this very same weekend I get a message from a Good Life email subscriber that says, “At what point did you realize you were a _______ ________ ?”


He continued, “Or have you not found that answer yet? Do a search along the lines of – How to know if you are ___________ ________ .”

WT F’n H?

I had never heard of such a thing. Maybe this dude was punk’n me. So, of course, sitting in my hotel room on Saturday morning I immediately fire up the googler and typed in: How to know if you are a blank n blank.

Mind blown.

Brain matter everywhere.

I then respond to said dude:

“Upon waking I did a search for How to know if you’re a (blankety blank). I’ve been reading the descriptions out loud ever since and all Stacey keeps saying is, “Yes, that’s you! Oh my God! That is totally you!”

You may have just changed my life!”

Now before I tell you what this dude shared with me, let me ask you – Have you ever felt different? Like somehow some way you just don’t belong? You cannot place a specific pointer finger on it, but something is just…

Well the links and secret websites that this dude shared with me have my head spinning.

It kinda reminds me of the feelings I’ve always had about the stuff GooRoo Coaches and OG Brokers tried to convince me to do.

Pound the phones!

Ding some doorbells!

None of it ever felt right.

Do you feel this way too?

So yesterday, where was I in the story? Oh yeah!

Rollin up hunderd dolla bill profits in 09.

Honing my online poker skillz. Binge watching Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Oh ten rolls around and I’m ready for a comeback!

Rando google search leads to some white guy on a white donkey or something.

From there I do what I do, I stuffed my head and my entire body down the rabbit hole.

The guy was Dan Kennedy. His concept I’d never ever heard of before: Direct Response Marketing. One to Many.

My mind was as hot as…

Kinda like when the dude sent me the email that changed my life over the weekend. That’s how I was devouring Dan’s material.

Anyhoo. In 2010, I launched my very first expired listing direct mail campaign. Multiple postcards mixed with a couple of sale letters. The sales letters were delivered in fake overnight letters envelopes.

In doing so, I also began to pound the phones using the redx. And like everyone in real estate, it worked.

In 2011, I went on 106 listing appointments and listed 120 homes (wait a minute? The math doesn’t…).

My work schedule was back in full throttle. Six and seven days a week. Ten to twelve hour days.


For my family of course.

I became obsessed (have a tendency to do that).

When I wasn’t working I was reading Dan’s stuff.

I was following the GooRoo’s and Rock Star agents. Copying them. Copying their lingo and attitudes.

Wasn’t happy. But what kind a man am I – if I’m not willing to do “Whatever it takes!”?

So I was doing it. And doing it.

By the end of 2012, Stace hits me with the frying pan question, “Should we get a divorce?”

She thought I’d lost interest.

I thought she just didn’t get it.

The bridge between a good and an average, and an average and a bad relationship – is always the same – communication.

We weren’t communicating.

I wasn’t communicating.

She thought she was. But it was encrypted in lady code (ya know whatamean, fellas?).

We talked it out. We cried it out.

I got in touch with my feminine side.


Wanted to make sure you’re still reading.

It was then and there that I began to formulate my plan for the “lifestyle business.”

What I did next changed the trajectory of my life.

Completely changed my philosophy.

Not only about life. About money. About relationships. About people.

It all changed.

It had to.

Stop for a second because I gotta take a deep breath.

I want to share something big with you. A revelation I had while living through this process.

A “living through” period of my life that is frozen in time in the memory bank. There are parts (details) of the story that will come out. Details you will not believe.

The revelation I had during this process does not fall under the “What would Mister Rogers Do?” category.

It’s more like the feeling you had when you realized Santa… you know.

Before I muster the guts to tell you (hoping you can handle the truth) – let me try to clarify a point.

I do not like making cold calls. So I don’t.

I do not like door knocking. So I don’t

Dan Kennedy. The newsletter. Direct response marketing. One to Many marketing. Changed everything for me.

This allowed me to go from a slave to the game to the master of my schedule.

This allowed me to slow down the booty-smooching and up my Good Life game.

So if you want to build a lifestyle business.

If you want to stop the soul crush created by cold calling.

If you want to respect your neighbor’s privacy and stop the door knocking.

You’re not alone.

Joining the Good Life Inner Circle is the first step toward your freedom.

Doors open soon.

Wait-List members will get first crack starting today and through the weekend. If you want access today – you better get your name on the Wait-List. All you have to do is click through the link.

Remember, it’s only $59. Cancel at any time.

What do you have to lose?

Oh, yeah. Everything.

P.S. I’m waiting for the dude that sent me the life changing email over the weekend to give me approval to use his name in my story to you. Once he does I’ll share the left out details of the story. And all the links associated with the blown mind.

Stay tuned.

P.P.S. Also, I’m not playing a game by NOT telling you the revelation I had during the “Should we get a divorce?” saga. Truly at a perplexing crossroads with the question:

“Are they really ready for this?”

If you are, ready for this, reply to the email with, “I’m ready!”

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