Money, one of my favorite subjects

Money, one of my favorite subjects.

They say that money is the root of all evil. They are wrong.

They say you can’t take it with you. You can.

They say money doesn’t buy happiness. No, but poverty does provide misery.

Yesterday, I sent you a picture that said:

Money Is Only Important If You Don’t Have Enough.

I believe that. And for most of us, we don’t have enough.

What I find fascinating is the reactions I get to certain subjects. Maybe the most fascinating in money. For some odd reason way too many people have hang ups about money.

My own brother physically winces when I ask questions about money. As an example, say we’re with friends and one of them buys a new car. When I ask questions like:

“How much did you pay?”

“How much money did you put down?”

“What are your payments?”

My brother would certainly blurt out, “It’s none of your business!”

Another example. I was at one of my daughters basketball games a few years ago. It was right after President Obama passed a bill that required all hotels with a certain room count, that have pools, to install a lift for handicap people to be able to access the pool. You’ve probably noticed these contraptions.

Anyway, one of the parents is a contractor and he was telling me all about this opportunity. He said he and his brother had a contract for hundreds of hotels. So I started asking questions:

“Where are these contracts?”

“All over the Midwest.”

“How many guys are on your crew?”

“Just me and my brother.”

“How many can you install in a day?”


“How much do you make per install?”

He didn’t answer. But his body convulsed. I laughed inside. I wasn’t trying to make him uncomfortable. I am naturally curious. But the second money was brought up this guy froze.

Why is that?

I’ll tell anyone anything. Ask me how much money I make, I’ll tell you. Ask me how much money I have, I’ll tell you. Ask me what I paid for the GRF Mobile… I’ll tell you!

I’ll tell you, because I don’t have any psychological anchors regarding money. Money to me is only a tool. A tool to provide care for my family. And ultimately freedom for me and my beautiful bride.

My point, I guess, is this – Let go of any money anchors you have. If you somehow have been convinced that money is the root of all evil… you need to exorcise this falsehood immediately!

You must gain authority over your money. Otherwise the lack of it will always control you.

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