Mister Rogers And Me

On Saturday afternoon I dropped my son off at his friend’s house to spend the night.

Inside the friend’s house, the parents were having a little party. As I chatted with the mom she asked me, “You and Stacey have big plans tonight?”

“Yes!” I said, “We are watching a Mister Rogers special with Madison!”

Madison is our eighteen-year-old daughter.

The room got quiet and all eyes were on me. In the past, I would’ve never even made such an admission. Now that I’m maturing as a human being the real me is all that matters.

Mister Rogers would’ve been proud.

The documentary was amazing by the way. You really should check it out as a primer to the feature film coming out this summer. **Side note: I wrote this email to my email list earlier this year. The feature film has already come and gone. My Bride and I went to the movies to see the film. I only cried two to three times.

Here’s a trailer for the movie, if you haven’t seen it – you should:

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