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Welcome to the Good Life Inner Circle Month #2!

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Please listen very carefully to Good Life Step #2 (Believe)


Let's discuss Focus.

If you are going to double your business and eliminate ALL of your debt - focus will be required. Please download and read the pdf attached below. After reading, listen to the WILD conversation I had with Good Life member Fred Dorsey. **If you listen to nothing else in this conversation make sure to listen between 13:30 and 20:51 (you won't believe your ears). Enjoy.


Best way to explain this conversation... the opposite of focus. (you can cut to the chase by fast forwarding to the 13:30 mark.



In order to live the Good Life, get and stay focused, and rise above the mediocre masses... we have to live life differently than the mopish.

I have friends and family members that mock me behind my back (he's too skinny). They bristle when I express my opinion on particular subjects (money being one). And they outright avoid bringing up certain subjects (nobody with a fancy car and a fancier car payment wants to talk to me).

The reason is simple.

I choose, have chosen, and am choosing - to live my life differently than most.

Introspection and self-awareness is often uncomfortable, so most people recoil from it, if they happen to wander into it (Here comes Bart, run!)

In the attempt to better my life, the realization has been that living with certain guidelines makes it much less difficult, than by seat of pants.

Debt-free financially independent people live by certain principles.

Fit (visible abs) and healthy people live by certain principles.

Productive and prolific people live by certain principles.

So today, I wanted to share with you The Good Life Principles. Enjoy.


Money (Show me the Money!!!)

Love that movie! Love that scene!!

Inside this month's Money issue is a minefield so beware.

It's a minefield... cuz I'm dropping bombs!!!

Including the - 8 Words - in the Most important sentence - regarding your financial plan for the foreseeable future.

Now, do me a favor. Right after you read this month's money report. Go stand in front of the mirror and yell, "Show me the money!"

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