[Members Only] E7: Get it Right!

*Warning: outrage and trigger alert. If you get fake offended by reality based jokes… you are on the wrong email list. Please exit.

In the previous email we cried like a baby over the spilt milk that splattered with reality when we read through Good Life Rule #2:

The “job” of real estate agent kinda sucks.

Before that milk gets moldy let’s discuss what’s right in front of us – and then, what’s all around us.

What’s right in front of us is the job of real estate agent. Towing terrified buyers around with their titty babies terrorizing innocent seller’s homes. All while the parents ignore the bratty sawed off buttholes as you’re seconds away from slapping the sh*t out of both the parents and their little Chucky’s.

What’s all around us is the opportunity provided by the greatest small business in the world, real estate sales. We cannot for the life of us allow for this sweet scenario to slip through our spindly fingers.

Therefore, we begin with the end in mind, see the forest through the trees, and recognize that we are not real estate agents. We are not defined by an industry of bootysmoochers and telemarketers.

We are Mission based badasses on a journey to greatness leveraged through the business of real estate sales.

More next time.

Have a great day my friend,

Bart “Your best friend in real estate” Vickrey

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