[Members Only] E2: Mind, Body, Business

Welcome to Week 2 of the Good Life Inner Circle.

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Now, on with the show. Below you will find the book notes for Think & Grow Rich (you MUST read these), the pdf copy of the complete book, the audio recording of Good Life Rule #1, and Lead Generation Tip #1.

*Remember: NONE of this information means anything if YOU don’t begin implementing them into your life and business.


Here are your book notes for Think & Grow Rich

Here is your pdf copy of the book Think & Grow Rich

Good Life Rule #1: Real estate sales is the greatest small business opportunity in the world.

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#152 Undeniable Agent Truth #1 (real estate sales is the greatest small business opportunity in the world… bar none.)

You are in the greatest small business opportunity in the world. Start taking advantage of this advantage… today! Visit www.realestategoodlife.com for a step by step blueprint to making an extra million dollars in the next five years or less.

Lead Generation Tip #1: The Lead Gen Iceberg

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#079: Lead Generation Tip #1 (Apply this three tiered tip to your lead generation and all your money woes will wane)

We kickoff the Lead Generation Tip content segment with discussing the tip of the three tiered iceberg. Most all agents ONLY consider the first tier. I will explain all three, and why tiers two and three are more important in building a lovable business the first tier.

#1: Lead Gen Iceberg

You must understand the Lead Gen “Iceberg”. Most all agents only consider lead generation. I’m here to scream from the rooftops that lead generation is only the tip of the iceberg.

In order to be effective and successful over the long term in this business you must also understand the theory, practice, results, and mastery of lead conversion and lead management.

Lead generation is simply the act or mechanism of producing leads. Once you begin implementing these ideas into your business, lead generation becomes simple, predictable, and grows like a snowball.

Lead conversion is the skillset you and your team develop in order to turn leads into clients. Most agents are TERRIBLE at lead conversion. Make sure you read and or listen through the 10 Commandments of Real Estate Sales Success and the 10 Commandments of Lead Generation. There are step by step instructions inside to make you a Jedi in lead generation, lead conversion, and lead management.

Lead Management is the most important component of the leads iceberg. With all the leads you will be generating only a small percentage will be ready, willing, and able to buy or sell now. The vast majority of the remaining leads will buy or sell down the road. That “down the road” must be managed systematically through your CRM system with consistent communication over time. Do THIS and all of your money woes will evaporate.