Me and Mister Rogers

Me and Mister Rogers Go To Mexico

If you’re like me, being in a library is magical.

Being in Barnes and Noble is warming to the soul.

During my last visit to the bookstore I had no plan in mind.

Yank the big wooden doors open and enter.

Ahh, the smell… of books.

The peace. The quiet.

And then I saw his face.


Eyes lit. Tie straight. Sweater on.

I had to have him.


So now, as you read this, Me and Mister Rogers are in Mexico.

He don’t drink and he goes to bed early. I respect that.

To me, Mister Rogers is one of the few human beings that lived his life as he really was.

No mask.

No baloney-ness.

I want to try this. I want to be who I am. Always. Not just sometimes.

It’s hard. Now more than ever. Especially in this business. A business wrought with phoniness, bootysmooching, and pussyfooting.

I just want to be the sweet, lovable, caring, big hearted person that I am. Without exception. Without circumstance preventing it.

Don’t you?

Here’s an example of Mister Rogers being Mister Rogers.

The video backstory is a visit to Congress in 1969. The Senate had decided to cut the funding for public television in half.

The gruff Senator Mr. Pastore is the head of the committee making the budget cuts.

Before this video starts. He tells the panel he’s basically heard enough. And he certainly doesn’t want to hear anyone reading any more prepared statements.

Representatives of public television beg Senator Pastore to give one more speaker a chance to say a few words.

What a legend.

A true hero.

Mister Rogers.


P.S. I know what you think sometimes, “Bart only send me these awesome emails because he wants to Sell me on joining the Good Life Inner Circle.”

Not true.

I send these emails as my consistent attempt to change the world. If I can convince you to Transform your life. To live better. To be better. To share more. To help others.

Then I’ve changed your world.

If your world changes, then so does the world of those in your proximity (friends, family members, loved ones).

Together we can change the world.

Just like Mister Rogers did.

Join me in changing the world. Join me in the Good Life.

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