May 2016 Profit & Loss: $42,937.34

May turned out to be another fine month.

The real estate market is doing exceptionally well.  I continue to count my lucky stars that I chose real estate school over law school.  Although nearly all of my family and friends thought I was crazy… the right choice was made.

I know you’ve heard me say it over and over again, real estate sales truly is the greatest small business opportunity in the world.

With that said, here is my May 2016 Profit & Loss Statement.

In May we also started a little family project.  We’re flipping a little ranch located in the South Haven neighborhood of Valparaiso Indiana.  I’m a little behind with my posts (but catching up!), so I’ll give the update on the house now.

We began work in the middle of May:

Family flip day

We listed the home on June 14th for $104,900.  Lowered the price to $99,800 on June 20th (gotta love seller’s like that, right!).  And sold it for full price on July 12th.  We’re hoping to close before the end of August.

Have a remarkable day!

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