March 2016 Profit & Loss: $31,586.93

St. Patrick’s Day brought me some luck this month!

My net profit for March of $31,586.93 made the green beer taste extra delicious!

This year has started off with Good Life gangbusters!  In January Stacey and I joined several friends in Play Del Carmen Mexico.  That trip was happened shortly after I’d taken the first week of the year off because my mother was in town.

In the beginning of February we spent a long weekend with friends in downtown Chicago.  At the end of February my brother, Larry, and I flew down to Naples Florida for a week of fun in the son.  We’ve dubbed the annual trip: Boats and Bro’s.  Below is a video of last year’s trip to give you idea of the fun we had:

Hopefully you don’t Unsubscribe after watching it!

Anyway, to conclude my vacation update… Me, Bride, and our sometimes wonderful kids went to Riviera Maya for Spring Break.  We had a blast even though I was nearly attacked by a Cote!!

Kote in Mexico

Five vacations in three months!  I am actively in pursuit of living the Good Life.  This pursuit no longer includes material possessions (things)!  Mostly I’m attempting to release the shackles of self inflicted slavery that we all seem to fall for.  You know debt, working a job you don’t like for the better years of your life, buying things because you can crowbar the payment into your cramped budget, and involuntarily spending time subjected to assholery!

This is NOW my pursuit.  My personal trifecta: Happiness, Freedom, and Autonomy.  A big part of that trifecta is spending as much time with friends and family members as possible.  One of the best ways to do so is in the throws of vacation!

For now I’m done babbling on… so with that said, here is the March 2016 Profit & Loss statement.

Please do not ever hesitate to contact me with questions, thoughts, scenarios, whatever.  I’m here for you!

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