Let’s Raise the Black Flag and Slit Some Throats

Yesterday I left off with…

“powder our musket with anger and fire cannonballs at the haters and naysayers.”

If you’ve been reading my “stuff” for any length of time you know there’s a question I ask, myself. Such as:

“What would Mister Rogers do?”

For 80% of my existence, I concentrate on being “lovable”.

And then there’s the 20% of the time when the question is:

“What would Michael Jordan do?”

Mister Rogers was a lovable sweetheart of a man.

MJ (on the court) was a stone cold killer.

In life, there is one haunting fact that will disturb even the most Mister Rogers-esque lot of us. And that is,

Everyone will (at some point) let us down.

Not only will they let us down, there will be times when they naysay us, behind the back talk us, hate on us, and most certainly… doubt us.

For many reasons. Reasons we will explore in detail together.

When (not if) this happens, that fire stoked inside of you must be harnessed for destruction. Locked, loaded, and fire’d… with sniper-like precision at all doubting Thomas’s, trolls, and harm do’ers.

Which brings me to Dark Success Secret #1: Anger must be leveraged for good, not evil.

Meaning, the spark flashed by anger must be utilized ONLY to our advantage.

When my very first broker looked me in the eyes and said, “Bart, you won’t make it six months in this business at that company.” Referring to the Century 21 office I was joining after leaving his company.

… That was, of course, the BEST thing he could have ever told me. He may very well have been right. I may not have survived six months without that internal motivation of needing to prove him wrong.

I call it “the chip”… that beautiful piece of attitude that resides aggressively on my proverbial shoulder.

The “chip” is actually one of the most powerful forces available for getting shyt done!

As long as the motivation of anger is used for Good not evil.

See, I didn’t need to rub Frank’s nose in it. “Eat shyt you son ofa beach!” No. Not needed. Not helpful. Not productive.

It was internal for me. I used his face, that expression, his words to drive my beating pulse into action. Anger (contained and focused) plus action can equal the Good Life.

Sure, it wasn’t long before I was in a position to say to Frank, “Eat my grits! I did it! See, Frankie boy… never doubt me!”

Yeah it crossed my mind. Yes, my internal ego can be an immature brat sometimes.

Chip on the shoulder, snarling angry beaver attitude, coupled with an almost harmful and irrational refusal to give up or give in.

So be it.

I prefer to be lovable.

On occasion, I’m grateful for the internal bratty bad boy that refuses to allow for “others” to define ANYTHING for me!

So the next time “they” doubt you (and you know they will) – package up that powerful plutonium and pack it in a pipe bomb… lock and load the snarling shoulder chip… and prepare to sink their battleship!

Now, you know as well as I do, you don’t need to be a “Hulked” out Bruce Banner to be a successful real estate agent.

…. but (on occasion) it can help, sometimes.

Next we’ll get into a down and dirty CHECKLIST to check once and then… you know, twice… on your way to the Good Life.

Stay lovable (and sometimes angry) my friend,

Bart “Mostly Lovable” Vickrey

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