Keep your eyes peeled and your feet firmly braced… as the rug gets pulled right out from under your already wobbly legs.

In yesterday’s email, I began to bang the dubious drum of doom and gloom.

The responses were exactly as expected, mostly eye rolls,

“Bart’s insane!”

“It’ll never happen to us.”

And so on.

These responses are expected primarily as a result of millions of years of biological programming.

For instance, we all know with 100% certainty that WE WILL DIE SOON.

However, we NEVER really accept this fact until it’s too late. Ponder that proclamation for a moment. No really, try it. Your subconscious mind cannot wrap an acceptable thought around it.

Another psychological predicament of perplexity is the “Lure of Unintended Consequences.”

This states: Nobody ever really accepts or admits what is really happening until it’s too late. (I.E. Global financial crisis circa 2008).

Check out these fun quotes from some very successful brainy boys:

“Neither RedBox nor Netflix are even on the radar screen in terms of competition,” said Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes, speaking to the Motley Fool in 2008.

“We have not seen a direct effect [from Airbnb] in any of our hotels … We don’t feel it’s having any impact on our results or that it has hit our radar as of yet,” said Richard Jones, senior VP and COO of Hospitality Ventures Management Group, in 2014.

“The development of mobile phones will follow a similar path to that followed by PCs,” said Nokia’s Chief Strategy Officer Anssi Vanjoki, “Even with the Mac, Apple attracted a lot of attention at first, but they have remained a niche manufacturer. That will be their role in mobile phones as well.”

RIM’s (Blackberry) co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, wrote off the iPhone almost completely:

“It’s kind of one more entrant into an already very busy space with lots of choice for consumers … But in terms of a sort of a sea-change for BlackBerry, I would think that’s overstating it.”

“We do not believe our vendors selling product directly on Amazon is an imminent threat. There is no indication that any of our vendors intend to sell premium athletic product, $100-plus sneakers that we offer, directly via that sort of distribution channel.” Footlocker CEO Richard Johnson.

“Ok, Bart! Enough! What are you trying to do scare the bejesus out of me?”


I’m going to convince you of the multipart solution. If you deploy these solutions you will be golden regardless of foreseeable outcome.

But first, I will continue to twist the painful dagger in your not so innocent bread basket.

To end today’s email please consider this consequential truth (study the diagram below)


In nearly my entire two decade plus career, “advertisers” have been far away from the zenith of the transaction. Pictured above in a visual of “where the money is”. The closer to the transaction the more the money is made.

Now consider, if you will, this question and undeniable answer:

Where are the “advertisers” heading?


Closer and closer to the transaction.

(*Remember in 2014 when I told you that Zillow will begin to charge referral fees, buy houses, sell houses, and open bricks and mortar locations???)

(You laughed at me then… didn’t you?)

Anyway, food for disturbing thought.

Make sure to read the P.S.’s for a preview of where this dark ride is heading. What I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow and then the next day will have your peepers bloodshot and butt puckered.

Have a thoughtful day my friend.

Bart “Stay tuned for the good news” Vickrey

P.S. Here’s a thought provoking clue as to where Zillow is heading that should shiver your timbers…

Back in 1998, in real estate school, my instructor (Buford Eddy) said something that has stuck with me ever since. He said, “In this business you “list” to last!”

P.P.S. If you’d like to get a jump on the GUARANTEED solution to these imminent problems… you know what to do… JOIN THE GOOD LIFE NOW!

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