June Profit & Loss: $52,922.94

June is one of my favorite months!

The kids get out of school, the sun shines more than not, and we ramp up our vacations!

This June we went to Anaheim, Maya and I made a second trip to Vidcon, we spent a long weekend at a friend’s lake house, and our real estate team completed another successful month of the real estate good life.

Here is my June 2016 Profit & Loss statement.

Over the moon excited that I had a team agent make over $20,000, one over $30,000, and another over $60,000!  I am truly humbled and very proud to play a small part in their success in life and business.

I haven’t looked through the pics and family videos for June yet, but here’s a short video of our 2015 trip to Vidcon.

Have an amazing day!

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