June 2016 Net Worth: $2,045,920

For those that know me well, tracking stuff is something that I really enjoy.  Now that I’m back to tracking my net worth I feel whole again.  I know that sounds like a shallow statement, but hear me out.

We are goal oriented creatures.  Our basic design structure includes the necessity to strive.  Each and every day we are not complete if we lack a purposeful pursuit.  The reason that more and more people suffer from anxiety and depression is that meaningful purpose is absent from their lives.

How would you feel if you had to spend most of your best days, best times, and best years working a job you did not like.  Every day waking and repeating the same joyless existence.  A self imposed sentence of slavery driven by the consumerism and materialistic programming most fall victim to.

In the real estate sales business we have the amazing opportunity to design our destiny.  We can build a business from the ground up that when structured properly leads to an existence unimaginable by nearly everyone walking the planet.

My tracking of net worth is not about money.  It’s not about being able to buy fancy cars.  My tracking of net worth is about the purposeful pursuit of freedom and happiness.  I’m on a mission to live the best life.  Daily I consider this pursuit.

With that said, here is my Net Worth for June 2016:

June 30th Net Worth

Comparing June’s net worth totals of $2,045,920 to May’s totals of $1,941,949, that’s an increase of $103,971.  I’m very excited about the increase!

June’s cash position looked like this:

June 30 Cash balance

As I mentioned before Stacey and I have differing opinions regarding cash in the bank.  She likes to have more, I like to keep it at or around $50,000.  With any excess going toward debt pay down and other investments.

At the end of June I got my way and was able to convince Stacey that having over $138k in cash is crazy.  So we paid off one of our single family rentals.  Here’s the notification I received from Mint.com after the wire cleared:

Juniper payoff

My current financial goals are simple:

  • Pay off my house
  • Decrease personal expenses
  • Increase passive income (to reliably exceed living expenses each and every month)

Soon I will release detailed reports regarding my personal expenses.  Up until this very moment (as I finally decide to release the information) only embarrassment has prevented these posts.

Hope that you’ve enjoyed the information.  My purpose is simple, to provide accountability for me, and a simple blueprint for you.

Have a wonderful day!



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