July Profit & Loss: $56,265.70

My family and I enjoyed an amazing summer!

Several vacations and remarkable times spent with family and friends!

Thus… my tardiness once again in posting my financials.

July was a wonderful month with $56,265.70 in net profits.  CLICK HERE for the Profit & Loss statement.

Even better were the results my team agents experienced!

Here are commissions collected (after split) of my team members for the month of July:

Top team member collected: $89,440.36

Followed by three team agents collecting five figures: $22,001.00, $20,380.90, and $13,239.80.

The next three also had incredible months, with: $9,528.75, $8,803.71, and $8,730.75.

I’m overjoyed to be involved in the lives of my team agents and office staff!

Writing this reminds me of how thankful I MUST be every single day.  Regardless of the minor stress this business can bring on from time to time, at the end of the day we work in the Greatest small business in the world!!!

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