July Net Worth: $2,054,404

Not a great improvement from June!


Need to work on personal expenses.  A sentence that makes my bride cringe whenever I bring it up.  I’m strongly considering the idea of posting my personal expense statement.  It may be necessary for me regarding accountability.

We’ve done a good job recently investing our excess cash.  However the excess cash figure should be higher.

Personal finances can be a touchy subject from time to time at the Vickrey house.  The biggest problem is typically me.  I have trouble committing to the fundamentals of frugality.  We all know that eating out is horrible for the budget.  We all know that Starbucks coffee is a waste of money.  We do these things anyways!

What if however frivolous spending was directly attached to your life?  Well it is when you consider that most all of us trade time for money.  Time spent doing things that aren’t necessarily at the top of our “would like to be doing” list.

Would you rather be showing buyers homes on a beautiful Saturday afternoon or spending time with friends and family members.  For some of you the former may be the answer, lol.  For most of us, time spent with friends and family is always the top choice.

This exact ideology has created a different trajectory in my life recently.  As I advance past middle age (I’m 45), time has a different feeling.  No longer do I believe I have forever.  With that thought in mind I’ve concentrated my efforts on debt rather than on Rolex and Mercedes.  The idea of paying my house off is now a reality and not a “some day” pipe dream.

Adding up all the little expenses that can certainly be deemed frivolous, is eye opening.  An eye that would rather remain blind.

These are the conversations my wife and I are having.  Once we get on the same page… lookout!

Much more on this and related topics coming soon.

Time is money.  And money certainly is time.


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