January Profit & Loss Statement: $41,203.87

As I mentioned in the Financial Confessions post, I’m going to be sharing all of my real estate sales office financial reports with you.  Along with that you will see posts entitled Personal Financial Statements each month, where I will share my current cash position as well as a running tally of my net worth.

I will continue to emphasize that none of this is being done to show off.  The mistakes I’ve made with money over the years are plentiful.  I am just now after many years of a much higher than average income… starting to save money.  What has saved me has been the real estate investing that my wife and I have done starting back in 2003.

My biggest goals for sharing the intimate financial details of my business and life are five-fold:

  1. To help you avoid all the mistakes that I’ve made
  2. To convince you that the best way to operate your real estate sales business is as a “lifestyle” business.
  3. To also convince you to start immediately saving and investing  your money.
  4. To help you see your way through the pitfalls of consumerism.
  5. To help encourage you to become and then live debt free!

With that being said here is the January 2016 Profit & Loss statement for my real estate sales business.

Have a marvelous day!

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