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The only real estate coaching program with guaranteed results. The least expensive most valuable agent coaching program on the planet. Here's the simple (no fine print) results based guarantee: Join the Inner Circle and if you don't sell at least one extra home - making at least one extra commission - I will refund every dime of your money back to you.

No questions asked. None.

Please listen to how the Inner Circle Coaching program works:

#220 If you are a real estate agent with a dream life fantasy that exists in your heart and in your imagination... I will help you realize that dream.

220 If you are a real estate agent with a dream life fantasy that exists in your heart and in your imagination... I will help you realize that dream. Check out the path to the Good Life at for the "Best way to build a lovable business!"


Agent Referral Challenge

Want a FREE membership to the Inner Circle?

Refer non-bootysmooching based real estate agents into the Inner Circle coaching program and I'll pay you 50% referral fees for as long as that agent remains a member. So after just two referrals your membership costs you NOTHING!

P.S. And, there's no limit to the number of agents you get paid for referring to me. Want to make some serious automatic income? Refer 102 agents to me and collect $3,009 each and every month! Want more dough? Refer more agents. MORE DETAILS FOUND HERE.

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Trojan Horse

The Inner Circle is really just a Trojan horse into the Good Life Philosophy.

The Good Life Philosophy is what I've spent the past twenty three years building.

Socrates scurried around ancient Greece asking  the same question over and over again, "What is the best way to live?"

I've asked myself this question ever since getting my real estate license back in the 1900's:

"What is the best way to live as a real estate agent?"

Inside the Good Life and the Inner Circle you will find the answers.

The "best" way to live as a real estate agent is based on Rules and Principles.

For instance:

Good Life Rule #1: The real estate sales business is the greatest small business opportunity in the world.

Good Life Rule #2: The "job" of real estate agent kinda sucks.


"Give 'em what they want and then give 'em what they need."

My mentor Dan Kennedy always told me that most people in search of personal development, change, and financial improvement will always seek instant gratification first.

So that's what I will give you first.

I will show you how the exact steps to take (now) that will produce an extra sale from your least feared list: your database (sphere of influence, centers of influence, friends, family members, past clients... or as I call it, "the list".)

Getting a referral or repeat sale from our most valuable list - our most lovable list - is the greatest advantage we have in real estate sales.

With that one extra commission in mind the math becomes simple.

Let's use my average commission check per transaction as an example ($5,760).

The tiny investment for the Inner Circle Coaching is: $59/month (cancel at anytime).

$59/month x 12 months = $708 (tiny investment).

One extra commission = $5,760. (return on investment = 713.56% *not a typo)


Million Dollar Agent

Inside you will find the foolproof path to follow to an EXTRA million dollars in the next five years or less.

My name is Bart Vickrey and I am a real estate agent in Valparaiso Indiana. The name of my small company is Bart Vickrey Real Estate (you can call to confirm we exist at anytime 219-531-1111).

I've been licensed in real estate since 1998. My small lovable business makes over $1,000,000 each and every year in the Greatest Small Business Opportunity in the World... real estate sales.

What I am offering you today is EVERYTHING that I've created and built for my real estate agent business which produces 100's of home sales each year WITHOUT cold-calling, door knocking, telemarketing, trespassing, bootysmooching, or pussyfooting.

If you follow the simple step by step plan inside of the Inner Circle you will make at least an EXTRA million dollars in the next five years or less. (*you will make $0.0 if you do nothing - which is what most agents do).

Here's what is included with the program:

  • Shock and Awe Listing Lead Magnet

My real estate instructor back in 1998 told me two very profound things that have never left my buzzy brain: "Real estate is easy to get into, easy to get out of, and everything in between is optional." Very true statement when you think of all the dopey agents out there, isn't it?

The second statement that stuck with me was, "In this business... you list to last!" I took that to heart and have always racked my brain for lovable listing opportunities.

The Shock and Awe Listing Lead Magnet provides me with a reliable system to launch which routinely lands me new listing opportunities.

Deploy this 10 Piece direct mail marketing campaign and sit back and listen for the phones lines to light up!

Seven customizable postcards along with three amazing sales letters do ALL the work for you in your pursuit of hot new listings.

Remember, I DO NO COLD CALLING WHATSOEVER... therefore, all of the marketing systems and campaigns inside the Million Dollar Agent Challenge require absolutely NO gut wrenching and soul crushing cold calling.

Look me up on Zillow at any time! I carry between 20-50 listings at any given time and I acquire them ALL from my One to Many marketing systems. All of which are yours instantly when you join the Inner Circle.

Yeah I know... these pictures are not bright and fancy like a lot of the other marketing that the goo roo boobs sell on the internet. But what you will find with me is that the the steak is more exciting than the sizzle and that I walk the walk more than I talk the talk.

Pictured above is an example of the sales letters, the bank bag I utilize for the 1st mailing (I'll show you how to buy them in bulk for less than $1 each), and one of the seven jumbo postcards that you will be able to COPY and personalize for your business and marketplace.

  • Business Referral Network

Imagine being the "hub" of an incredible mastermind group of like-minded influential small business owners, sales professionals, and service providers in your marketplace.

Now imagine how many amazing real estate referrals you will be receiving from this group?

Inside you will gain immediate access to the entire Business Referral Network program. Just one deal from this one idea pays for this program TEN TIMES OVER!

In the Inner Circle and throughout the Real Estate Good Life philosophy you will hear me say over and over again... "Build the List!"

The list is a list of everyone you know, everyone you've ever done business with, and everyone you want to do business with. The "list" when communicated with consistently over time with produce (on average) a 10% transaction return. Which means that for every 100 people on the list you will produce 10 closed transaction each year (now just grow the list!)

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Here is the simple money back guarantee: Try the Inner Circle for an ENTIRE year (365 full days)… and if you do not AT LEAST double your money you will receive a FULL refund.


Also included in the program:

  • 99 Problems and a Lead ain't one!

As the great Gary Keller once told me, "We are not in the real estate business... we are in the lead generation business."

Without leads you WILL NOT SURVIVE as a real estate agent.

Study and deploy the lead generation course inside of this program and you will have access to 99 Lead Generation ideas and systems.

Shock & Awe Listing Lead magnet, Business Referral Network, Buy-Sell-Give, Agent Army, Agent Referral Army, New Agent Napalm 37 point action plan, Farm System Domination, Local Market Legend, Newsletter lovable list builder, FSBO postcards and sales letters, Expired postcards and sales letters, and so on.

  • The EXACT newsletter template I built in January of 2014 that catapulted earnings to over $1M per year (including every single year since)
  • Niche Affinity Napalm. You want to build a Category of One? A category so impenetrable that competitive agents in your marketplace will surrender with white flag clutched in their tear soaked hands. Find out precisely how to do this inside this program.
  • A multi-step direct mail campaign exclusive to “expired” listings that will crawl inside the seller’s psychology and haunt their thoughts until they can’t resist calling you and scheduling an appointment.
  • The single easiest way ever invented to create a surge of “side-money” cash flow into your business (currently being utilized by GLIC Member John Cunningham), that will have you slapping your forehead like an old V8 commercial screaming, “Why didn’t I think of that!”
  • A list building (SOI and database) strategy that’s so “retro” your eyes will roll and your list will grow. (Remember, your database/SOI will convert at 10%+ when handled properly. If you are always growing the list and properly communicating – your business becomes simple math and a predictable path).
  • Find out the 4 simple words uttered by my real estate coach in January of 2008, that has since made me an extra $300,000! These four words have nothing to do with making more cold calls and doesn’t even require you to sell more homes. Applying these 4 words, alone, to your next TWO transactions will more than pay for this entire program!
  • Book: How to Sell 100 Homes a Year without Cold-Calling, Door Knocking, Telemarketing, Trespassing, Bootysmooching, or Pussyfooting.

This book will forever change the way you live your life as a real estate agent.

My mentor, the great Dan Kennedy, once told me - "If you follow any mentor or guru, make sure they have a complete philosophy AND make sure they have actually achieved the results you desire."

This advice is SO important in today's world of fly by night phoney baloneys. And for you, I have a complete philosophy that I live by AND I'm an active real estate agent, have no debt, and have achieved financial independence all because of the greatest small business opportunity in the world... real estate sales.

Also included:

  • How to eliminate commission resistance right out of the gate on your next listing appointment. Imagine never fearing the commission conversation ever again.
  • Learn a secret “mind trick” for getting people obsessed with reading your Facebook posts. You enjoy reading my emails, don’t you? Admit it, lol! Hmm, ever wonder why you enjoy reading my emails? Secret Jedi “mind trick.”
  • How to get your most important vendors (title reps, mortgage brokers, and home inspectors) to treat you like the Godfather without going to the extreme of placing a severed head in their bed.
  • Oprah Winfrey’s “primal instinct” persuasion secret that can help you create a huge following of ready willing and able homebuyers.
  • A specific 4 word phrase I utilize, with the seller, to ensure I get to meet last in a listing competition.
  • The “Golden Rule” of negotiation that works like magic on a listing appointment to make sure sellers do business with you on your terms.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Here is the simple money back guarantee: Try the Inner Circle for an ENTIRE year (365 full days)… and if you do not AT LEAST double your money you will receive a FULL refund.


How to Make an Extra Million Dollars in the next five years or less.

Along with everything already listed, you will also receive the special in depth and detailed report explaining the exact steps to follow in order to earn an extra million dollars in your business.

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Want more???

10 Commandments of Real Estate Sales Success

My life changed forever in 2008 when the real estate market crashed.

From that day forward I completely changed the way I ran my business. I also developed a personal philosophy that I call the Good Life.

The Good Life is about a happy, simple, financially secure life surrounded by the people you love most and the experiences you enjoy most.

This philosophy all started when I outlined the 10 Commandments of Real Estate Sales Success. This product alone used to sell for $1500. Today, you get immediate access with your purchase of the Million Dollar Agent Challenge.

10 Commandments of Real Estate Lead Generation

Also included is the 10 Commandments of Lead Generation to add the irresistible icing on the Good Life cake.

Without consistent lead generation, expert level lead conversion, and "the fortune's in the follow up" manic lead management... you'll never be the agent you have the potential to be.

If you work hard and apply what you'll learn inside this million dollar challenge - I promise you'll be the best version of yourself possible.

Actual text I received five years after this agent purchased the original version of the 10 Commandments of Real Estate.



100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Here is the simple money back guarantee: Try the Inner Circle for an ENTIRE year (365 full days)… and if you do not AT LEAST double your money you will receive a FULL refund.

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Listen to to these lovable words... directly from ME (your best friend in real estate):

Welcome to the Good Life

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