“If you don’t know me by now… you will never never never know me… whoo oohhoo.”

Hopefully when you read the subject line of this email you sang it, like Simply Red did back in 1989.

“If you don’t know me by now… you will never never never know me… whoo oohhoo.”

Little ole Bride and I will be…




& Mailing

The newsletter for the members. (100 printed monthly newsletters will be included with the cost of the membership. Lock stock and barrel)

A push button newsletter business.

This transition is going to be amazing. Not only will it produce tangible results for the members, it will also alleviate my frustration with members that join the Inner Circle and then do NOTHING will all the material.

So today I will end REGL 1.0 and soon launch the Greatest Real Estate Agent Membership Alliance in the World!

What I believe exists is a “Silent Majority” of us agents that are uncomfortable with telemarketing. We’re uncomfortable with trespassing.

We don’t want to hire and then train a Filipino call center to harass people.

We don’t want to pay some tech guy to launch a Facebook bot to trick people into handing over their contact info, so that we can then hammer them over the head with a club until they finally submit to doing business with us.

We want to do business with people that appreciate us for the expertise we’ve earned and the complete and thorough trust we provide. And then, refer us to their friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors. And then again, and again.

We will build our lovable business.

We will control our destiny.

We will live the Good Life.

My Mission is to help Real Estate Agents reach debt freedom. (And then complete the financial moat around their family with financial freedom).

I want to use the Real Estate Good Life to help solve agent’s problems. Not the other way around.

So that’s exactly what I will do.

See again soon. In the meantime, March Madness will have my attention the following two days. Followed by Spring Break with the fam next week.

Have an amazing day,

Bart “Game On” Vickrey

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