How We Will Change the World

On March 5th I sent you a link to the statement you see below…

First things First:

This page was written off the cuff in a stream of consciousness. Almost a panic based on the fact that the email that got you here was written before this “landing” page.

You know I’ve been talking about changing the world for some time now.

The message is fairly simple:

We are both in the greatest small business (opportunity) in the world. We have the ability to level up our incomes seemingly at the snap of our phone clenched fingers.

We also understand Undeniable Money Truth #1: Money will only solve those problems that NOT having money creates.

Money cannot buy happiness. Money cannot buy love (well, maybe rent it). But it is still better to find this out on our own, than to just take somebody’s word for it.

At the Good Life we also understand Undeniable Money Truth #2: The borrower is SLAVE to the lender.

Because of this we seek to become and then live debt free.

I need to run for now. I’ll come back and add layers upon layers to this page. For now, I’ll get right to the punchline…

Here’s how we will change the world:

  • Build the List
  • Deploy the Newsletter
  • Pay off the Debt
  • Live the Good Life

And here’s the best part… drumroll please…

I’m going to Write the newsletter for you. I’m going to Print the newsletter for you. And I’m going to Mail the newsletter for you.

Say what?

Yes, you heard it here first (Stacey would kill me if she knew I was leaking this info already!). The Newsletter Hero push button “that was easy” program is coming soon.

If you’d like to get on the Founder’s List – text me right now at 219-405-3768 – with the simple statement, “I’m interested in building a lovable business.” Or email the same statement to

Be back soon to share some mind blowing reasons Why the newsletter is THE GREATEST one to many marketing campaign within your Lovable business.

P.S. If you are debt free, does that change your world?


And now, only one month later we are ready to begin Phase One Team 001 of the newsletter program.

If you are interested in having a “done for you” newsletter mailed to your list on a monthly basis – we are ready to provide you with this one of a kind service.

All you have to do is SIGN UP (click the link), provide us with a csv copy of your mailing list, a picture of your beautiful face, and all of your contact information (including website links, email address, etc)… we will do ALL of the rest.

Here is an example of what you newsletter will look like.


I believe that ultimately the newsletter One to Many marketing campaign has a 10+% transaction conversion. Meaning, that for every 100 people on your “list” you will ultimately receive 10 direct or referred transactions for your business.

My theory is simple regarding the anticipated “return on investment” (ROI):

Year One: 2%+

Year Two: 5%+

Year Three: 10%+

Just like any good relationship, with good communication it gets better over time. Same with the newsletter campaign – your One to Many rapport building efforts grow over time.

The cost of the program is $1.59 per issue per recipient. The cost includes EVERYTHING: the writing, the printing, the handling, the postage (fist class stamps), and the mailing.

You have five incremental choices to choose from:

100 Newsletters (one newsletter mailed to your list of 100 people)

200 Newsletters

300 Newsletters

400 Newsletters

500 Newsletters

Only clickthrough the link of the number of newsletters you’d like to begin with for your mailing list. If you have clicked through more than one link – please be sure to check your cart before you click purchase to make sure you only have 1 in the quantity box.

This is a beta launch and we will only be allowing 10 Members into Phase One Team 001. We want to be able to work all the bugs out with the first group. The newsletter program will be closed until further notice after the 10 spots have been filled.

Believe me when I tell you, a printed monthly newsletter is the best way to build a lovable business and THE only way to dig a proper moat around your business.

Deploying the newsletter into my business back in January of 2014 FOREVER changed the trajectory of my business. Get started now.