How to Sell 100 Homes (page 7)

How to Sell 100 Homes a Year without cold calling, door knocking, telemarketing, trespassing, bootysmooching, and pussyfooting.

Build a newsletter list of 1,000 lovable people over time. Within three short years that One campaign will produce (predictably and repeatedly) 100+ home sales a year.

And remember, all you have to do is get started. Keep doing all the wild drunken monkey squirrel chasing unicorn riding marketing and prospecting strategies and tactics you want… for now, just add this on top of it.

Keep at it. Stay consistent. Watch your business go from pussyfooting and bootysmooching to lovable in lickety split!

*Results may vary. Your list may not be very good. Only one way to find out.


How to Kick Zillow Right in the Cookie Bag and Build a Moat Surrounded Fortress around Your Business.

Before we move on to the Secret to Life. Let me wrap the newsletter into a delicious burrito and serve it up to you fresh.

If you are not already sold on the newsletter (shame shame shame) – stick this ideology in your pipe and smoke it.

Zillow is coming to eat our lunch. Please do not be in denial about this. Bury your ostrich dome in the sand if you choose but remember the day I told you this because I will FOR SURE say I told you so.

(In a very loving way)   

I’ve been saying it for years. *Link to funny article     

Here’s what will transpire. Zillow, Opendoor, and all the other vultures will continue to swoop in and swallow up market share.

In the meantime, you and I will be patiently and consistently digging our moat. The moat that surrounds our business.

The ONLY way to build this moat is through relationships.

Recently the great Gary Keller made the claim that Keller Williams is no longer a real estate company – they are now a tech company.

Gary doesn’t get many things wrong.

But he be dead wrong on this one!

We cannot out tech the tech companies. Period.

In fact, we are not in the tech business despite all the tech based disruption here and coming our way.

We are in the relationship business.

How do you build, nurture, and strengthen a relationship? Through communication. Genuine, authentic, heartfelt, communication.

What does the newsletter do for us?

The newsletter builds relationships through genuine communication.

Who does your “list” want to work with? A nameless faceless corporate greed machine? Or you?

Who does your audience want to work with? A Facebook bot? Or you?

Who does your friends want to work with? A Wall Street money grubbing mooch? Or you?

We both know the answer.

You must deploy the newsletter.


The single most important secret you will ever discover in your entire lovable life.

If you recall earlier in the book, our newbie agent Billy sought the enlightened advice of the mystical Real Estate Jedi.

The Jedi tempted young Billy with not only the Secret to the real estate sales business – but also, the secret to life.

You’ve been given the Secret to real estate: The One Thing. And the one thing is the NEWSLETTER.

Now I share with you the Secret to Life.

So without further ado (well, actually you’ll have to wade through a lot of ado to find it… )

…. Here is the Secret to Life.

P.S. You cannot possibly build a LOVABLE business with cold-calling, door knocking, telemarketing, trespassing, bootysmooching, or pussyfooting.

P.P.S. You can only build a lovable business through consistent communication with those you love – who in return… love you back.