How to Sell 100 Homes (page 6)

“Tell ‘em about that time you created a six figure yearly one to many marketing campaign out of thin air.”

Okay, sure.

If you want to hear more One to Many marketing examples. Here’s a doozie.

So back in 2008, there was some sort of hiccup in the economy. I don’t know a minor little thing called the Great Recession.

My beautiful business was just about belly up…

… barely breathing… and on life support…

… netting a massive $100 in 2009 (not a typo).

In 2010, we made a comeback. About midway through the year we implemented a direct mail postcard and sales letter campaign for expired and fsbo listings.

(You can ACCESS copies directly below)



We were shelling out greenbacks left and right with nary a listing in sight.

One day, Boss Lady pulls me into the conference room to discuss the profit and loss statement.

(Remember how well 2009 went)

She was concerned with the new marketing campaign. We were mailing out moolah faster than we were mailing out the postcards. Between supplies and postage our investment was running a grand a month.

We were six months into it when lady says to me,

“Umm, yeah. I think we need to pull the plug on your direct mail marketing experiment.”

What she didn’t know until that very moment was: We were starting to get traction. I was going on listing appointments and collecting listings directly from that campaign.

We just hadn’t sold any of the homes, yet.

Over the course of next twelve months we cashed $87,000 worth of commission checks directly from that one single One to Many marketing campaign.

And haven’t sent less than six figures to the bank since then. (From that one simple One to Many marketing campaign)

Although we did overhaul the entire campaign and rename it Shock & Awe. Which has been extremely profitable for us and is designed for ALL listing leads.

Here’s one of the pieces we send out with the Shock & Awe campaign. ACCESS Below:





Here’s the video we send with the Shock & Awe bank bag mailing:



The Undeniable Money Math of the single greatest One to Many marketing Campaign in the History of the Real Estate Sales Business.  

Okay so let’s get back to the newsletter and dust off the ole abacus.

Our newsletter theory is this:

If you have a “list” that you’ve neglected and or NEVER communicated with consistently… then your list requires a warming up phase.

Year One: Warming up.

Year Two: Nurturing.

Year Three and beyond: Bonanza

Take a peeper peered peek at the projected transaction returns of you newsletter deployment:

Year One: 2%

Year Two: 5%

Year Three: 10%

Now apply the abacus based mathematical mechanisms.

With a list of 100, you can look forward to TWO extra transactions in your business.

“Hey Bart! What gives? How in the world can I buy a Rolex with only two deals?”

First, hopefully you never buy a Rolex (Things don’t bring happiness. Never will.)

Second, the newsletter campaign is a snowball method. It is compounding over time.

The longer you mail it. The better the performance.

Consistency over time – always wins.

In year two, you’re looking at five “extra” sales. Year three, ten.

Introducing the World’s Slowest Get Rich Quick Scheme Ever!

I admit.

This is a slow get rich quick scheme.

Before we get to the punchline, the big reveal, the sweet nectered honey hole… let me just say this…

… the one thing…

… the newsletter campaign…

… is to be utilized on top of everything else you ALREADY do to produce sales in your business.

With this in mind, what you will discover over time is that the newsletter will be the most productive, most lucrative, and best of all – most lovable component of your business.



Because, the newsletter is delivered to people you like. People you want to do business with. Most of which already kinda know, or know very well who you are.

The newsletter arrives as an invited guest into the humble homes of friends, family, past clients, current clients, and all those looking forward to your inspiring, motivational, entertaining, and insightful messages.

The newsletter arrives in their least crowded inbox… their mailbox.

The newsletter allows for a magnificent minute for your reader to slow down their day. Move their blurry eyeballs away from the electronic screen.

The newsletter provides a message of hope, dreams, inspiration, and love. Which is a beloved break from the doom and gloom blood and guts message delivered on the tele and on the device and in the news and in the social media.

There is a starving audience waiting for your message.

Please DEPLOY the newsletter now.

There are no excuses.

Here’s a copy of my very first newsletter (note how ugly it is)

Here’s a copy of the newsletter that I write for other agents. (If you want me to write, print, stamp, and mail your newsletter for you). *Both newsletter examples below:



Here’s a screenshot of one of my newsletter recipient’s that got cut off the list when I went into scarcity mode awhile back. She posted this on Facebook when she was added back to the mailing list.

(I’ve more than doubled my list since doing the deep delicious dive into the newsletter math, theory, and correlations)

How bout dat!

Going forward my plan is pretty simple.

Add more and more and more and more and more people to the newsletter list.

Now for the grand finale: