How to Sell 100 Homes (page 3)

Part One: My story

(Please bear with me as I share a little information about me. I don’t want you to think I’m some fly by night goo-roob or Facebook phoney baloney, or an Instagram newb agent selling you on theory or make believe.)

The stories I’m about to tell you are 100% true.

The method I’m about to share with you: How to Sell 100 Homes a Year without Cold Calling and Bootysmooching – Is 100% true, real, and proven (repeatedly) in my own business.

A business that you can call and “test” to see if it actually exists at any time (219) 531-1111.

*Please pay careful attention to how I have written my back story. This will be extremely important going forward.

Without further ado…

Do you need to understand the driving force behind that constant “angst” you feel? Read this…

The Amazing “Good Life” Secret of an Introverted Agent from Indiana!

Dear Agent,

If you would like to, once and for all, have a laser focused direction in life that is fully supported (and funded) by your real estate sales business – then… this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here is why: My name is Bart Vickrey and, some time ago, I was dead broke. My business was almost bankrupt, and I was drowning in tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

I wasn’t just broke, I was desperate.

I was a newbie agent in the small town of Valparaiso, Indiana. The beginnings of my “career” in real estate began with eye rolls, nay-says, and behind the back talking from friends and family members.

I was labeled a dreamer and one family member even questioned my “common sense.”

Maybe they had a point.

I mean, who in their right mind leaves the stable warmth of a sure-fire, paycheck every two weeks, comfort and protection of a job at UPS… In order to volunteer for the roller coaster ups and downs of real estate sales? Probably not anyone in their right mind.

The ribbing and the nay-saying from the doubters continued. Even my very first broker doubted my future, when he said straight to my face,

“Bart, you won’t make it six months in this business.” Ouch!

My own sister-in-law, made a wise-crack under her breath at Thanksgiving, at the end of my very first year of full-time real estate sales… she said, “Some of us have real jobs.” She was reacting to my concern that my one and only brother was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve.

Looking back, these people all said the right things at the right time. Providing fuel for the fire.

If you’ve ever been doubted, this is the perfect business for you to “show them!”

So I did what I had to do early on in my career. Worked harder than all the other agents around me. Six and seven days a week. Ten and twelve hours a day.

It began to work. But I still wasn’t happy.

So I began to do what society has trained me to do, once you start making a little bread… I spent it!   

Next thing ya know, I’m rolling up in a BMW, Corvette convertible in the garage, and a second home in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Sure there were handfuls of dopamine and endorphin pops to the ‘ole pea brain. But nothing lasting. This also came with more stress, more sleepless nights, more knots in the bread basket.

As the red flags flew – and the clues presented themselves… slowly, and I do mean slowly, a philosophy began to develop.

This philosophy, I now call the “Good Life.”

What really drove the stake through my precious heart was when, in December of 2012, my bodacious Bride asked me, “Should we get a divorce?”

That question was like a cattle prod to the cookie bag (family jewels)!

Explosive and unexpected.

I’ll share the details of the story with you on another day.

What I did next was develop a business model that ran in direct alignment with my soul. A business for lifestyle’s sake. Not a business ONLY for the money-getting.

The Good Life philosophy feathered it’s cap recently at the annual company Christmas Party.   

It was at that party that I gave out an award to one of my agents that choked me up.

Brought tears to my eyes.

Covered my body in goosebumps.

Giving out this particular award cemented my “Why” deep into my soul. Like a doctor smacking the arse of a newborn, that baby knows immediately, “I’m alive!”

Giving out this award made me feel like I had grabbed hold of an electric fence. An electric fence of purpose. An electric fence of direction and clarity.

Too often, I have dark feelings. Thoughts that lead to questions like, “What am I doing?”

“Why am I doing this?”

Questions that arise both advertently and inadvertently. I know you have these thoughts too.

Which brings me to the most important topic and subject of this book…


For some unknown, mystical, magical reason – you just so happen to hold in your hot little hands – a license in the Greatest Small Business Opportunity in the World!

A business that has allowed my progression from the proverbial dumpster dive’n to living “high on the hog.”

Imagine a life in which you have full control over your time.

Imagine a life that includes more than enough money for you and your family.

*Undeniable Money Truth #1: Money will only solve those problems NOT having money creates.

Think about that for a second. I painfully remember ALL of the problems I had when money was still an issue.

This business allows for you to write your own ticket. Control your own destiny and even leap tall buildings in a single bound.

YES, it’s true. The real estate sales business is THE greatest small business opportunity in the world.

At least today it is…

That will change sooner than later. With Zillow buying and selling their own houses. Catapulting their own listings to the top of buyer home searches.

With OpenDoor “mugging” the agent out of the transaction. Eliminating US entirely from the selling (they buy homes directly from sellers without the help of an agent) and then the buying (rehabbing, then staging them offering buyers the convenient opportunity to preview homes in person without having to “wait” for an agent).

With Amazon, hinting and teasing their investors and the general public with plans to “enter” the real estate space (aka: blindfold us agents and demand we walk the plank to our own demise).

Don’t believe me?

Imagine this scenario –

Say Amazon buys a company like Ring (they make those cool security cameras and systems that are all the rage – that allow for homeowners to see who’s at the door conveniently from their smartphones).

Let’s also imagine Amazon buys a “smart lock” company that provides an easy solution for package delivery or letting the kids in the house after school, or, you get the picture. And this smart lock is of course efficiently run by said smartphone.

“Hey, wait a minute – Bart. Amazon did buy Ring! And Amazon does now have a “smart lock”, it’s called Amazon Key. This is getting scary!”

I won’t continue to twist the dagger into your sweet little heart… but “they” are ALL coming for us. Gunning for us. Locking, loading, and aiming… bullseye planted through accurate scope… directly on our innocent (now sweat soaked) foreheads!

Please don’t be like MOST all other agents and think, “This will never happen to real estate agents, Bart.”

Umm, Blockbuster said the same thing. Even laughed Netflix CEO Reed Hastings out of their corporate offices in Texas back in 2000.

By 2010, Blockbuster was BANKRUPT!

Their corporate office is now a crack den filled with former taxi drivers, stock brokers, travel agents, Kodak camera executives, and all the millions of horses that lost their jobs because of Henry Ford.

Ok, Bart… what gives?

You said, “this is going to be the most exciting letter you will ever read!”

“This letter is not exciting. In fact, if there were a bridge nearby I’d jump right off!”

Fine, enough of the sky is falling the end is near doom and gloom.

Time for the solution.

Remember what I said about giving out an award at the annual Christmas party back in December? An award that covered my body like a cheap suit in the goosies?

Well, that award was given to my friends and agents – Wendy and Andy Hammonds. People that I love with all of my heart.

That award, which was given out for the very first time in my very long career, was The Debt Freedom Award.

See, it all started back in 2004. Wendy and Andy purchased a brand new home in Chesterton, Indiana. At the closing there were two real estate agents. The Hammonds only remember one, me. And I wasn’t even their agent! I represented the builder.

(I’ll share with you the details of how to make lifelong friends out of complete strangers later).

Fast forward to 2014, Andy Hammonds shows up out of the blue at my office (driving a fancy automobile). We sit and chat. He opens up to me and shares the struggle he was living with.

He and Wendy each hated their “jobs”. And to add a turd to the top of the moldy meatloaf…

They were drowning in nearly $100,000.00 in credit card debt!!!

I told them, what I’m about to prove to you…

I can take anyone off the streets and have them at a six figure income in less than three years, debt free in five, and financially independent in seven years (or less).

Provided, that person possess these three attributes:

  • Reasonable intelligence

  • Connectability (able to build genuine rapport)

  • Desire

Next thing ya know, real estate school. Exams, state test… boom! Licensed in the greatest small business in the world.

What they did next will make your heart go pitter pat.

What they did next will have you rooting them on for a lifetime.

What they did next will melt your face off with excitement.

I’ll share all of that with, along with the step-by-step process they followed to enter the pearly gates of “The Good Life.”

What happened to me on that emotional night in December, giving out that well deserved award to two amazing people…

Locked and Loaded my Why.

This WHY, has given clarity to my “Mission” (fancier word for goal).

What I want is more of that “feeling”. The feeling I got when I presented The Debt Freedom Award to Wandy (nickname like that of Brangelina).

For selfish, feel good, smile plastered reasons – I’m reaching out to you with a question:

Do you want to live the Good Life?

If so, I’m in the middle of building the Greatest Real Estate Agent Membership in the entire World.

Filled with agents that have a real Why and want to pursue a lovable “Mission.”

See, what I find troubling, if not disturbing, is the lack of WHY in our business.

Agents brag about how many closings they are going to on Facebook. “Gonna get dat money!”

Agents lust for the sales for all the wrong reasons. I should know, I did it that way for years.

Internet Guru’s and Facebook phonies flash pictures of Lamborghinis and photoshopped Private Jets. These bait and switch, get rich quick schemes will ALWAYS attract the thirsty “easy-button” crowd.

The “Grind till ya die!” and the “Hustle yer face off!” message can be motivational. But it will never lead you to the Good Life.


  • Because material possessions do not make you happy.

  • Because working so much that you missed your kid’s childhood only leads to regret.

  • Because money for money’s sake will never make you happy.

  • Because you’re going to die soon!

“Oh boy, Bart! Really? You’re going there?”

Too soon? Is it too soon for the morbid inevitable truth… that we will be dead soon?

I don’t think so!

As the great villain Colonel Nathan R Jessup said (in the greatest movie of all-time), “You can’t handle the truth!”

One of the many many reasons Why you must consider pursuing the Good Life now is the horrifying fact that this one and only life of yours – is only a mist in the history of the universe – and WILL BE OVER SOON!

The sooner the better for you to get off the “rat race” treadmill of mediocrity and stressful angst… JOIN me in living the Good Life.

“Ok, Bart – enough razzmatazz! What exactly are you talking about? What is the definition of the Good Life?”

First thing’s first:

For the first time in my career (which started back in the 1900’s) I am looking to share my “behind the curtain) message to ONLY like-minded agents.

But not just any agents…

I’m looking for a specific type of person. A person that would much rather have the peace of mind of living Debt-Free, than the person who lusts for blinged out watches and fancy automobiles.

I’m looking for a specific type of person that hungers for control over his or her destiny. A person that values time over money.

A person that nods their head in agreement with the statement: Money will only solve those problems NOT having money creates.

A person that desperately wants to “feel” a part of a powerful movement. A mission. A purpose driven by the momentum of this statement:

“If you ever find yourself wondering what to do next. Just take the next right step.”

Well, I’ve got those “steps” laid out for you.

Here is the bottom line, so take this in and let it simmer for a bit…

I want to help you:

  • Earn a “living” in under twelve months.

  • Reach six figures in less than three years.

  • Become debt-free in five years.

  • And reach financial independence in seven years or less.

Why seven years Bart?

Great question!

First, all good things in life take time. They take patience. Pursuing the Good Life REQUIRES: patient persistence.

Without it, please do not apply.

Second, the seven years is not an arbitrary number. I did not just pull it out of my nether region. No. My gut tells me we have around seven strong years left before we’re a the mouth of the cliff – scrambling and yelling,

“OMG! Bart was right!!!”

We have seven good years left before the real estate sales business is disrupted to the point where we’re sitting around the campfire waxing poetic,

“Remember the good ole days of real estate?”

We have seven good years left (in the midwest, that is) before disruption has applied a gluttonous vacuum truck to our honey hole.

Disruption is coming.

The real estate sales business WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

NOW… is the time, the only time to begin digging a Financial Moat around your family.

I want to help you dig the moat!

I want to help you become debt free.

I want to help you reach financial independence.

I don’t want this business to be skewered by the flaming arrow of Wall Street greed.

I don’t want the very opportunity that has allowed my family and I to live the good life, to be chewed up and swallowed by the Silicon Valley ravenous robots.

I’m hoping and praying that we get to seven years from now and you’re able to make fun of my doom and gloom predictions of today… and that, this incredible community – that this, the World’s Greatest Small Business Opportunity – is still standing strong without a dent or scratch.

Let’s offer a silent reflection of that hope right now…

…. Regardless of the outcome…

Wouldn’t you feel a whole heckuva lot better getting to the end of the next seven years having dug the moat. Fortified the fortress. And built for yourself and your precious family the debt-freedom and financial independence you long for?

Along with the Good Life that you deserve?


The answer is Yes.

If you want to apply for an available slot you are here now. It’s all up to you. To JOIN the crusade, to JOIN the Alliance, to JOIN the fight of good versus evil…

To JOIN me in the Greatest Real Estate Agent Membership in the World…

Then, my friend, please complete the rest of this book. Take action. Implement THE ONE THING I’m about to share with you.

The One Thing that if you do indeed implement and deploy into your business right now. And stick with it. And stay patient…

You will not only survive the impending doom of the real estate business disruption…

You will not only thrive during the disruption…

… you will survive – grin on face – moat around business and family.

P.S. Like my friend the Godfather said, “I’m gonna make you offer you can’t refuse!”

Imagine what it will feel like to:

  • Know exactly what to be doing day in and day out in your business.

  • Having access to a proven and repeatable blueprint for consistent leads, sales, and closings.

  • Going to bed at night without the debt dragon haunting your dreams, I mean, nightmares.

  • Waking each morning bright eyed and bushy tailed with the steely focus of a world class sharp shooter. Lasered in on your “Mission”.

  • Finally having a clear and spine-tingling Why to drive your dedicated Mission.

  • Once and for all figuring out the science and secret to money (and believe me there is a science and secret to it).

  • How will it feel to have your face plastered ear to ear with arched lips and pearly whites because for the first time in your adult life you can answer, “What am I even doing?”

P.P.S. Here’s the best part: After reading this book (online interactive life altering experience… soon a book), you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to get ANYTHING you want in business and in life.

Believe dat!!!

P.P.P.S. Oh, but there is this…

YOU HAVE TO ACTUAL IMPLEMENT: The One Thing (which is coming up next in this book).