How to Sell 100 Homes (page 2)

How to Sell 100 Homes a Year without cold-calling, door knocking, telemarketing, trespassing, bootysmooching, and pussyfooting.

What My Mentor Told Me:

My mentor, Dan Kennedy, always reminds me to:

Give ‘em what they want – and then – Give ‘em what they need.

This book is exactly that. A combination of what you want…

(the ideas that will deliver 100 home sales to your business each year without a single cold call)

And what you need…

(Personal development, a mindset shift, and a deep conversation about the one thing you and I MUST have in order to be happy (or at least happier).

Thank you very much for investing your money and your time in what WILL be the single greatest book (not a book yet, lol) you will EVER read.



Imagine lying on your deathbed and in walks…

… the person you could’ve been.

Introduction part two:

If you’re serious about living the Good Life… this book is about to melt your face off. If you can tame your ego, the Monster in your head, and your drunken monkey – and focus long enough while simultaneously aligning your heart, your mind, and your soul…

… this book will change the very person that you are.


*In order to become who you want to be – you must be willing to overcome who you are today.

**Drunken Monkey: that buzzy bee voice in your head that has only one job. That job is to distract you. The monkey forces you to reach for your phone to check notifications or scroll Facebook EVEN if you are in the middle of watching your favorite television show or speaking with an actual person standing right in front of your face. The drunken monkey distracts you from the fact that you’ll be dead soon.

Introduction part three:

How much longer you gonna wait?

Do not let this just be one more book you bought and didn’t read.

Do not let this be just one more program you bought and didn’t open.

Do not let this be just one more get rich quick scheme you fell for.

Do not let this be another year of failing on your Mission

P.S. If you have felt broken…

…or that something is wrong with you,

…or even called yourself lazy,

…or simply wanted to give up because you didn’t think you have what it takes –

If you have felt any of these feelings because you don’t like to:

  • Cold call

  • Door knock

  • Telemarket

  • Trespass

  • Bootysmooch

  • Pussyfoot

  • Grind yer face off

  • Be available 24/7

  • Be obsessed or be average

  • Dial for dollars

You, my friend, are in luck.

You’ve found a home.

Everything is about to change for you, forever.

Welcome to the Good Life.