How to Live the Good Life (a series of life changing posts for your viewing pleasure)

In December of last year, during the annual Bart Vickrey & Co Real Estate Christmas party, I gave out an award to one of my agents that choked me up.

Brought tears to my eyes.

Covered my body in goosebumps.

Giving out this particular award cemented my “Why” deep into my soul. Like a doctor smacking the arse of a newborn, that baby knows immediately, “I’m alive!”

Giving out this award made me feel like I had grabbed hold of an electric fence. An electric fence of purpose. An electric fence of direction and clarity.

Too often, I have dark feelings. Thoughts that lead to questions like, “What am I doing?”

“Why am I doing this?” (fill in the blank for “this”)

Questions that arise both advertently and inadvertently. I know you have these thoughts too.

Whenever these thoughts land with clarity, I’m reminded of a conversation that the Queen Bride and I had last summer.

The conversation took place on a long morning walk out here in the Gold Coast (small township in southeast Valparaiso).

The conversation started as a disagreement about money. Before it turned to a rumble, Stacey said something that (for the most part) changed my perspective on life.

Over the next couple of days I want to share with you:

The award from the Christmas party. How it was earned. And why it cemented my “Mission”.

The details of the conversation on that warm summer morning. A conversation with the Boss Lady Bride that (for the most part) has altered the wiring in my pea sized brain.

Along with the disturbing insight as to why I keep reverting back to “hardwired” Bart and attempting to deny the wise words uttered by my bodacious Bride. The details will both Shock you, and have you shaking your head like, “Yeah, I’m the same way.”

There’s also a delightful treat (amazingly so if you are a member of the Good Life Inner Circle) that we’ll discuss about a diabolical tactic that the Monster uses against us. A tactic so powerful that when I release it’s details and definition will MOST CERTAINLY CHANGE THE TRAJECTORY OF YOUR REMAINING LIFE!

(*Not an exaggeration) ^^^^

As a special bonus, if you are a real estate agent in northwest Indiana, I’ll be sharing exactly Why, for the first time in my entire career I will be doing (a little) “active” recruiting.

Because of the award, the answer to the question, “Why am I doing this?”… I’ll be adding two to three very specific growth mindset, big picture, Why driven agents to the company in 2019.

Until then, listen to episode 024: The Secret to All Success. Please enjoy.

Yours truly,

Bart “About to double down” Vickrey

P.S. If you are an agent in northwest Indiana and you want a “sneak peek”, A confidential, nobody’s gonna call you harass you or pester you…, look at the exact type of agent I want to (do everything in my powers) help live the Good Life: Click Here to Read More Details.

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